Total War: WARHAMMER – First Impressions

The anticipated release of the official Warhammer themed Total War game was just over a week ago now, and since then I’ve already played around 40 hours… so maybe it’s pretty good?


When I first heard that they were making this game I didn’t really believe it. Total War has always been a series firmly set in historical periods, and as someone who loves history that was always great. In recent years however, Creative Assembly have been releasing new versions of their old games, such as Rome and Shogun 2, and then Attila, which was essentially the same basic premise as an old expansion for the original Rome. It was getting to the point where they would have to maybe make something like Total War: Medieval III, or go for something completely different. Considering all this, it doesn’t surprise me that they made a fantasy game. And why create your own when you can license an already very well established series with varied factions and unit types to choose from? Continue reading “Total War: WARHAMMER – First Impressions”

Trasfondo: Lyssa Appelberg – Warhammer Fantasy (2009)

Aquí os dejo hoy el trasfondo de mi mercenaria de una partida de Warhammer Fantasy que jugué con unos amigos de Santander en 2009. Espero que lo disfrutéis.

Acaba de amanecer. Hace aproximadamente un par de horas caí exhausta de mi montura: Tyr-non, era una buena yegua, muy lista, es lógico que buscase por su bien y no por el mío. Sobre todo sabiendo que todo esto es culpa mía: ella en ningún momento quiso aventurarse en esta locura…Por tanto aquí me encuentro magullada, perdida en el bosque de Drakwald, intentando no desmayarme a causa de la falta de alimento y bebida. Será mejor que repose unos instantes antes de ponerme de nuevo en pie, creo haber distinguido un claro no muy lejos de aquí. Mientras tanto, tal vez convendría presentarme.

Mi nombre es Lyssa, Lyssa Appelberg, aunque el apellido ahora no importe. Soy originaria de Nuln, y fue allí donde me crié, en la humilde casa de mi humilde familia. Mi padre era cazador y mi madre, además de encargarse de las tareas del hogar y los niños, cuidaba y criaba pollos que después vendíamos en el mercado. Mi hermano mayor, Elrik, me sacaba cinco años. Fue él quien me enseñó todo lo necesariamente útil para sobrevivir en un mundo tan inhumano como el nuestro. Elrik solía ir de caza con nuestro padre, era bueno con el arco. También ayudaba a mamá, especialmente se encargaba de mí. De veras juro que es el mejor hermano que se podría tener. Por desgracia, siendo yo pequeña, a penas contaría con diez años, padre murió a causa de una terrible enfermedad que ningún médico supo diagnosticar. Fue lo peor que podría habernos pasado, pero por suerte estaba Elrik. Tendría por aquel entonces quince años. Le prometió a nuestra madre que no dejaría que nos hundiésemos en la miseria y por ello, aprovechando sus dotes como arquero, se alistó en el ejército, a cambio de un salario miserable e indigno del cual vivíamos.

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Character Creation – Rhia – Human Psyker

I was really disappointed at ourselves that it has taken us this long to write something on TTRPGs! I was taking part in my dad’s games before I could form coherent thoughts of my own, so really I should live up to expectations. I have now been DMing / GMing for nearly 20 years, and playing for just as long, if not more, so I’ve got A Lot to share. I’ll start with one character I did for one of my friend’s Warhammer 40000 game – we were playing via forum, and things didn’t really pick up, but the effort was there, and I certainly liked the character concept. The template used is for Dark heresy which is one of the many names under the old Fantasy Flight Warhammer 40000 series.

So let me introduce you to Rhia: an imperial psyker who I hope, I’d get to tell you more about in days to come.

Rhia’s Stats:

Character details
Character details – yeah, the stats are not great, did not roll very well, but she has the points were they are needed…

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Undead Wood Elf Riders Conversion

I have been working on some of my Warhammer lately and realised I got A LOT of spare pieces. Just a couple of weeks back I started on some Wood Elves Sisters of the Thorn (I’ll show ya when they are finished), and turns out as they are one of those packs where you can make one of two units out of the same pieces, I ended with five spare bodies, heads, and some really really cool capes! I was thinking maybe I got some stuff I could do with them. Well! Righto! I found in my box of random Warhammer some undead horses – just the horses god knows where the riders went?! And a little lightbulb just turned in my head – Undead.Wood Elf.Riders.Of Doom! Or something.

I had a few problems though – bodies and horses were not a perfect match, not enough elven hair for all the helmets, and the typical, annoying lack of right frigging arms!! (Seriously why oh why?!). However, I am resourceful – I got a TONE of Dark Eldar, which are just as flimsy as the Wood Elves, so the arms shouldn’t be a problem. Heads; same solution really. Who doesn’t want to see an Incubi Helmet on a horse rider dead thing? I do! Gaps and not perfect fittings? Hello Green Stuff. And suddenly it was sorted. It took me a surprisingly little time.

I thought this would go on for ages, but here are the results. Judge them yourselves – photos taken with my phone.

The horses
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Geek Economy – the Monopoly of Games Workshop

So this afternoon I just went into my local Games Workshop to buy some supplies – I have currently 2 very neglected armies (Dark Eldar and Bretonnia – yeah I like playing hard core where the rules are against you). Moreover, I was bought some lovely Wood Elves for Xmas and I find the painting very therapeutic and relaxing. So I needed some spray paint, glue and some 5 citadel paints for these models…and just like that 40 pounds disappeared and I virtually bought nothing…

Here is me thinking, I could have got at least a decent deck/cards worth if I had made that investment on Magic The Gathering, bought a few comics, one board game or two…so tell me, why did I do this? This is how the economy of the geek works. There are plenty of comic book producers and game developers. Magic the gathering is not the only collectible card game in the martket with a large enough fan base – Yugioh, Pokemon, etc. But if you want to play table top wargaming, your options are limited. So here is this post about geek economy or things to think about when you spend money of your hobbies. Continue reading “Geek Economy – the Monopoly of Games Workshop”