Reading Rat Queens Vol. 3: Demons

For my birthday one of my friends bought me the third instalment of this great series by Image – Rat Queens. You’ve already heard me talk about the series and its characters before, so today I am just going to go over some of the features that have caught my attention. Must warn you though: This May Contain Spoilers!

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Wrecking Palisade – The Rat Queens are Coming!

With the upcoming release of volume 3, I saw it fitting to dedicate this post to talk about a comic series that has captivated me not only on a personal but an academic level. I am of course talking about the biggest badassess ever known to inhabit Palisade: the Rat Queens!!

Since 2010 Image Comics has been in a roll of good releases, more innovative, fascinating and generally speaking, “New” in comparison with the other two titans ( DC & Marvel). Saga, Wyches, Pretty Deadly, East of West, The Wicked and the Divine, Monstress, etc,etc. Image Comics is Booming with fresh content. And Rat Queens is just another example. I mean we are talking of such a radical success since its release in 2013 that there have even been discussions to adapt the series to a cartoon for TV. What else you want?!?!

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