What We Saw at Terry Pratchett: His World

Entrance to the gallery

So a few weeks back we actually made it to the Terry Pratchett: His World exhibition at the Salisbury Museum (UK). I was a rather nice little exhibit that I think all of us enjoyed with delight – in fact I dare say it was almost a better experience because one of the crew had never read any Pratchett books or knew much on the subject. So in a very bizarre way, and given the context, the objects in the rooms allowed us to revisit some of our very favourite moments and ideas that surround the Discworld and the mind of one of our favourite fantasy authors. Certainly, a lot of the information was not new for us, but I think I was very nice seen it all streamlined in front of our eyes, unveiling a narrative we were familiar way, through a  different lens. I think some of the highlights for me were:

-Seeing Sir Terry’s sword that was made out of the meteor he came across.

Here be the sword – best shot I could take at it.

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Geek Obsession #9 – Terry Pratchet’s Discworld

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but considering that just last week the exhibition about Terry Pratchet opened in the museum of Salisbury (UK), I thought it would be fitting. I am hoping Alex and I will get to go to the actual gallery and show you what they have there, but in the meantime, you will have to conform yourselves with what I have myself at home! If you have been following us for a while, you would be aware of some of our Discworld collection because of some goodies we obtained when we attended the Terry Pratchet memorial at the Barbican in London. (Here it is in case you didn’t see it or don’t recall – https://manaburnt.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/terry-practchett-a-memorial/ ).

Hacia bastante que no hacia una de estas y ya que han abierto la exhibición sobre Terry Pratchet en el museo de Salisbury, pues me aprecio apropiada. Espero que Alex y yo podamos ir a echarle un vistazo, y de paso enseñaros lo que hay por allí, pero, hasta entonces, os tendréis que confirmar con nuestras propias frikadas. Si nos seguís desde hace tiempo, igual ya conocéis alguna de ellas ya que las adquirimos al ir al memorial de Sir Terry en 2016 en el Barbican de Londres. (Aqui teneis el link de aquella entrada en caso de que no la conozcais – https://manaburnt.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/terry-practchett-a-memorial/).

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Comics Potpourri: Thoughts on My Latest Reads

Today I bring you a brief overview of three comics I’ve read in the last couple of weeks, and my thoughts on the subject. I have selected these three because none of them are your most mainstream productions, so perhaps they have not become visible under your radar, or you may have forgotten about it with all the usual Marvel/DC background noise. As you may know already, I do like – and thrive to – find and read things that are slightly on the margins of the big sequential art market. So this is my potpourri:

Ragnarok – Last God Standing: I came across this comic at first when we were visiting Oslo. They had it as a featured publication at the amazing comic book store Outland. As someone interested in all things vaguely Viking/Norse/Medieval in general, I thought this looked like my kinda thing. I bought this for my birthday a few months back, trying to get a break from the stream of Image comics I’ve been reading recently. The story did not turn out to be exactly what I was expecting, but it was interesting enough. Continue reading “Comics Potpourri: Thoughts on My Latest Reads”

Terry Pratchett – A Memorial

Yesterday evening we had the infinite pleasure to assist the Terry Pratchett memorial at the Barbican Theatre (London).


A very selective event, kept very hush-hush, but magical nonetheless. We cried as much as we laughed through the nearly 3 hours the celebration went on for. There was a choir, and Steele Eye Span played a few songs, as Terry liked them very much and was friends with them. Stephen Briggs welcomed us all while impersonating Lord Vetinari. Rob Wilkins was more than a host or presenter; he acted like a dear friend to the audience, sharing experiences, comments and anecdotes from his time with Terry. Many of the author’s friends came to the stage: publishers, editors, colleagues, it was a wholesome symphony of praise, respect and love for one of Britain’s most popular and beloved writers. Everyone had kind words for him not only as a professional, but as a person. Rhianna Pratchett came to the stage to share her memories of him as a father, privilege she has only amongst anyone.

I could not help but feel that, despite I never met him – for by the time I came to the UK his illness was advanced, and I did not have the chance to go to a book signing or a convention – I somehow knew him, as a mentor, as a role model. As an inspiring figure, with all his complexities. I guess all these emotions became much more real when Neil Gaiman entered the scene and proceeded to read a piece I already knew – his introduction to A Slip of the Keyboard. I knew the piece, almost by heart. But I had only read it, I hadn’t been told it. Suddenly these words, that I thought I comprehended, took new real meanings. An overwhelming emotional wave took me by surprise – I don’t think I have recovered quite yet; I could hardly go to sleep last night after that. Continue reading “Terry Pratchett – A Memorial”