Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 19: Boardgames Part 2

Another podcast episode incoming!

We are joined by Mike, Jaq and Nick to talk about boardgames once again! We get into how the hobby is affected by the current state of the world, and what the future may hold for physical and virtual boardgames, while mentioning a few of our favourites along the way!

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Our Spanish Timba

Hello guys! How you doin’? We hope you’re having a blast! Now you may have heard that we were on holiday recently, but worry not, we were not lazy. As part of our little adventure in Spain we did a special edition of the Cespedes – Gonzalez household renowned timba: games party bby!!

We cracked open the board games and have a full on day (from lunch time until midnight) on geekery. There was much banter and fun had, and a few crazy moments and sore loses. So here is a quick report of what we played and a few thoughts on a couple of games.


Mauna Kea
Black Sheep
Family Business
Piko Piko

Camel Up

STRAW – this is a great game and family favourite for a warm up. It has little to no rules, and it holds up to 5 players. You play one round per player so it goes pretty quick. And all that there is involved here is a little maths: you have to add or take weight from the camel’s back. I failed big time. For 4 rounds I scored nothing 😐 My dad got a clear victory with no possible competition. This was not a very usual game of Straw in that regards. But the game has a high luck component which needs to be taken into consideration.

KERALA – relatively new game for the family; certainly a first for me. It is a game of area control, under the premise that you are building a trading platform for your elephant. You score more points for each colour you incorporate into your platform, you score more points. It’s a fairly simple dynamic of time placement, and has a luck component similar to Azul. Surprisingly, I won! Well, it was a tie with my dad, BUT it still counts as victory!

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Tactility Board Masters: Azul V Sagrada

Hello guys today I am bringing you a post that will be comparing two different board games: Sagrada and Azul. Now that I have played them both, I can sincerely say that these are wonderful games. However there is a couple of things that I wanted to discuss and that I think is where the choice of game comes into in to play (at least for me), if I were to buy one of them – no, I currently do not own, either but have access to them via my gaming network. So here are my thoughts.

Thematically speaking, they are similar in the sense that the game mechanic involves picking up the tiles, or dice in the case of Sagrada, and making up a pattern in the shape of a grid that will score you points according to the rules at the end of the game. Interestingly, while I didn’t have a clue who would end up winning the game playing Sagrada, it became very easy to establish at round 3 give or take, who was clearly ahead in Azul. I think it has something to do with the fact that in Azul there are no further mechanics other than tile placement, whilst in Sagrada we have the cards and tools that you can use to change the dice or the scoring. But then I know people who didn’t have a clue the other way around, so hhhmmm.

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that, in a way I feel that Sagrada offers more possibilities in terms of the gameplay and the dynamic between the players, whilst in Azul it seemed when someone takes the lead it can become difficult to take that away from them, other than everyone conspiring against that player. At the same time it felt that if I was looking to trump the others I wasn’t scoring what I wanted…perhaps the idea is to find a fine balance or have 0 strategy and go with the flow…not sure on that one 🤔 Continue reading “Tactility Board Masters: Azul V Sagrada”

My Thoughts on Splendor v Century Spice Road

So thanks to the wonderful resource that is Board in the City (Southampton), I have been playing a few more new games and trying out some stuff. There is two in particular that caught my attention recently: Century Spice Road and Splendor. The former was like the sensation game at the Expo last year, sold out and stuff, so I thought “ok cool, we will give this a go”. And I had heard lots of people talk about Splendor so, why not, ey? The two games themselves are pretty comparable as the follow very similar dynamics and the game goals are in essence the same: be the player that has more victory points at the end of it, all based on your capability to do your best at resource management to maximise your economic gain.

In Century Spice Road you are merchants trying to set up a spice road (obvs!). There are victory cards with a set value of points for your end score that you can buy with cubes of different colours starting with yellow at its lowest value, green, red and brown. Your turns are devised in such a way that you either acquire cubes, cards that allow you to gain or exchange cubes or purchase the victory cards. Splendor is fairly similar, just instead of cubes you have gems (blue, red, green, black and white). Whilst in Spice Road you end the game when a player has purchased 5 of the victory cards, in Splendor you stop playing when someone reaches 15 victory points. Fairly simple games in any case, easy and quick to play, however, after having played both, I am still wondering why did Century Spice Road perform so well, when in comparison I think it is less straight forward – and more lame if you ask me…Also, who wants to pay nearly 30 quid when I can buy Splendor for like 20?

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Europa V America: Reflexiones sobre los tableros de Aventureros al Tren

Hoy voy a daros la chapa un poco sobre algo a lo que le llevo dando vueltas desde hace ya un tiempo, y que por fin he conseguido asentar, al menos conmigo misma. Este es el dilema que me llevo planteando desde hace un par de años sobre las dos versiones standard de Aventureros al Tren: el mapa de los EE. UU y Europa. Salí de dudas el pasado fin de semana cuando fuimos al torneo, o liguilla, que tienen montado todo este mes en Board in the City – del que seguro ya me habéis oído hablar con anterioridad; el café de juegos de mesa en Southampton (UK). Esta liga se juega con el mapa europeo, por tanto, fue con esa versión con la que jugamos. Éramos cuatro, y todos hemos jugado con ambos mapas, y la cosa que tiene cuando juegas con gente que conoces y con la que has jugado más veces, es que más o menos sabes por dónde van los tiros. Así que, este era buen escenario para observar y cuantificar, en comparación con otras partidas que hubiésemos jugado con el otro tablero. Así que aquí os dejo mis reflexiones; muchos supongo que habréis llegado a la misma conclusión; o tal vez no, tal vez vuestras experiencias sean completamente distintas, pero ya que hay tanta gente que pregunta en que se parecen o cual el mejor para principiantes y distinto tipo de jugador, pues aquí dejo esto.

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Probando Brew Crafters – Travel Card Game

Hemos probado este juego literalmente hace un par de horas, así que este post es fresco, fresco. Había oído hablar bastante de la versión de tablero: esta es simplemente una versión reducida y de cartas para que te la puedas llevar a todas partes. Y la verdad es que tenía mis dudas porque había visto un mix de comentarios tanto positivos, como negativos e incluso indiferentes sobre el juego, así que supongo que tampoco tenía grandes expectativas. Pero, siendo sinceros, para un juego que se tarda unos 20 minutos en jugar, de 2-4 personas, facilón, relativamente entretenido, y por un precio moderado no está mal. ($9.95 – en creo que sale entre €10-15 euros, supongo que sea posible adquirirlo por menos. En el Reino Unido se puede conseguir por unas £7.00).


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A Quick Look at Brew Crafters – Travel Card Game

Today, Adie and I tried Brew Crafters travel edition. Liam adores the full version of the game, so I was keen to see how it would play, even as an abridged version. I have heard mixed views from the travel edition, so I guess I was not approaching the game with the highest expectations, but I must say it was not as bad as some had suggested, and it was a perfectly good little, quick game.

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