Geek Obsession #7 – The Goth Dolls Collection

Today I bring you something quite dear to me, perhaps one of my earliest collections ever: my Goth dolls. These came from two brands: the Bleeding Edge Goths (also known as BeGoths), and the Living Dead Dolls. And this all started in a very unexpected way.

My first trip to the UK took place when I was 9. My parents obviously took me sightseeing everywhere possible, and one of the days we ended up down Oxford Street and towards Canary Wharf. Back in the day there used to be a branch of Forbidden Planet near there – an outlet if I remember well! Mum and dad had visited it frequently when they used to live in London, so they took me there to see what they had as we didn’t really have that sort of thing in my home town – this was no ordinary comic store. And there she was: red-headed, goth looking Lillian (With 2 ‘L’ like me!). It was a sign. I took it home with me and, well I guess the rest just started flocking a little later.

I started with the 12″ dolls, then I acquired I few of the 7″ models, and finally perhaps my favourite and most precious item ever…I do appreciate the pics could be better, however, these boxes are bloody difficult to photograph without reflections, because the thing is…These gals have never come out of the box! (And never will as far as I am concerned…).

So this is Lillian on the left. She was part of the first original series (1), that only had 5 models and are as of the early 2000s sold out. Believe it or not, I am confident in a moment of my life or two, I’ve probably looked like that…barr the piercing. Of series 1 I do also own Victoria – my good friend Remi brought that all the way from the USA for my birthday one summer he was out there learning English! It was epic! (However, Victorias box is probably the worst of them all so trying to get a decent pic of her is pretty hard, poor thing!). The one on the right is Lolita Sun. She was an exclusive edition launched between series 1 and 2…She is pretty special.

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Geek Obsession #6 – Tim Burton & the Nightmare Before Christmas

Welcome to our first update of 2017 and to another geek obsession!! Hope everyone is starting the year very well and with a big smile! Today I bring you something that has been part of my geek vault since I was a child – I guess Sally gave it away already huh?! Indeed! I am talking about the Nightmare Before Christmas. I used to own the VHS (or my parents did), and I think it was probably played to shreds! I remember finding it fascinating, yet a bit scary…I couldn’t have been older than 6 or so when I first watch the movie. But the thing is, as much as Jack, Sally and the rest are well cool, my love for all things Tim Burton is long-lasting, despite the harsh criticism and disenchantment that it has received of late.

¡Bienvenidos a nuestro primer post de 2017, que es una nueva obsesión geek! ¡Espero que estéis todos empezando el año con buen pie, y con una gran sonrisa! Hoy os traigo algo sacado directamente de mi infancia y que se ha quedado conmigo para siempre. Pero supongo que Sally ya me ha descubierto, ¿eh? Efectivamente, hoy os traigo mi colección de Tim Burton y Pesadilla antes de Navidad. ¡Recuerdo tener el VHS por casa cuando salió la peli, y estoy convencida que la vimos hasta que se cayó a pedazos! Por aquel entonces me pareció algo fascinante, aunque también me dio algo de miedo: no debía tener más que unos 6 años cuando vi la película por primera vez. Pero por favor, dejadme que insista en el hecho de que, aunque Jack, Sally y los demás son geniales, mi amor por todo lo que ha producido o dirigido Tim Burton es abundante y cuantioso, a pesar de las críticas que ha recibido últimamente.

I remember watching the original Frankenweenie clip and founding it puzzling. “Not only the Pumpkin King brings me pressies for Xmas, but I could potentially have a zombie pup to stick with me forever? Awesome” – I was an impressionable kid I guess, and I like the idea that my pets wouldn’t have to leave, ever…So yeah, you probably get the picture. I have seen probably every Burton directed or produced movie under the sun: from the classics (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice) to the more recent stuff (I did enjoy Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children), to the things a lot of people forget about…Did you see 9?! That was an animated movie that children shouldn’t watch until the can comprehend the metaphors and message…And the Batmans – because Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer rock, and so does Danny DeVito. I literally mean everything! Look! I even have tickets for Alice Through the Looking Glass (And I honestly still do not understand why people disliked it so much!).

Recuerdo haber visto el clip original de Frankenweenie y quedarme pasmada. ¿Cómo? Jack es Santa y me trae regalos por las fiestas y además podría tener un cachorrillo zombi que se quedase conmigo para siempre?! ¡MOLA! (Tal vez fuese una niña muy impresionable, y la idea de que tus mascotas nunca se muriesen, particularmente a esa edad…). Os lo imagináis. Total, que no creo que se me haya escapado una sola producción de este hombre: desde los clásicos (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice), cosas más recientes (a mí personalmente La Casa de Miss Peregrine para Niños Especiales me gustó), incluyendo cosas de la que la gente tiende a olvidarse. ¿Quien de vosotros ha visto 9? Esa no es una peli de animación que se puede plantar delante de un niño o una persona joven a no ser que sean capaces de comprendes las metáforas y el mensaje que transmite, me dejo de piedra. Y bueno, Batman, porque todos sabemos que Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer y Danny DeVito son geniales. Bueno, pero en serio digo lo de todas las pelis, y si no mirad el ticket de Alicia a Traves del Espejo aquí mismo (que sigo sin entender por qué le disgustó tanto a la gente).

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Geek Obsession #5 – Skelanimals

Hey there guys! I come today with some more merchandise that I have been collecting for quite some time! This time we are talking about the most adorable plushies in the universe!! SKELANIMALS!!

Buenas, gente. Volvemos con más merchandise. Esta vez son unos peluches que llevo coleccionando desde hace ya algún tiempo, İy son la cosa más adorable del mundo mundial! İSKELANIMALS!

They became really popular in the early 2000s (at least in Spain…), and I immediately fell in love with the idea on skeletal like animal plushies that actually were not creepy but rather cute! I think one of the main appeals as well was the fact that their design was relatively simple and gender neutral. And Not covered in sparkling glitter, or mad bright colours. So whether you’re male or female, if you like plushies, they look nice. If you’re a goth with a soft side, they go too. And if you just like cuddly bears with a twist, then find yourself a Skelanimal.

Empezaron a ser bastante populares a principios de los 2000 (al menos en España). Me encantaron desde el primer momento que supe de su existencia, me gustó mucho la idea de peluches de animales en forma de esqueleto pero que no fuesen desagradable, sino más bien bastante monos. I otra cosa que siempre me ha gustado mucho es lo sencillo que es su diseño, y la neutralidad de género. Bueno y que no estaban cubiertos en purpurina y colores estrafalarios súper brillantes. Tal y como yo lo veo, tanto si eres del género masculino o femenino, gótico con un lado sensible, o simplemente te molan los peluches y quieres algo un poco distinto, los Skelanimals funcionan fantásticamente.

The other really cool thing about Skelanimals is that they just don’t go for your classic dog, cat, bear, kinda plush. Some of the most recent releases are frogs, penguins…! And the franchise has expanded a lot: I think they now produce some plushies with Dia de los Muertos/sugar skulls kinda designs, as well as different fabric textures and colours. But my favourite is by far the superhero collection! Who doesn’t want their cat to be Batman?!

La otra cosa que me gusta de los Skelanimal, es que los diseños no son tu típico gato, perro oso…Alguno de los diseños más recientes que he visto, İincluyen ranas y pingüinos! Y bueno la franquicia se ha expandido bastante; tienen una línea de Skelanimals con diseños del Día de los Muertos, y otros con distintos estampados, texturas y colores. Pero lo mejor es la línea Skelanimals de superhéroes: İ¿quien no quiere un gato Batman, o perro Superman?!

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