Tactility Board Masters: Azul V Sagrada

Hello guys today I am bringing you a post that will be comparing two different board games: Sagrada and Azul. Now that I have played them both, I can sincerely say that these are wonderful games. However there is a couple of things that I wanted to discuss and that I think is where the choice of game comes into in to play (at least for me), if I were to buy one of them – no, I currently do not own, either but have access to them via my gaming network. So here are my thoughts.

Thematically speaking, they are similar in the sense that the game mechanic involves picking up the tiles, or dice in the case of Sagrada, and making up a pattern in the shape of a grid that will score you points according to the rules at the end of the game. Interestingly, while I didn’t have a clue who would end up winning the game playing Sagrada, it became very easy to establish at round 3 give or take, who was clearly ahead in Azul. I think it has something to do with the fact that in Azul there are no further mechanics other than tile placement, whilst in Sagrada we have the cards and tools that you can use to change the dice or the scoring. But then I know people who didn’t have a clue the other way around, so hhhmmm.

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that, in a way I feel that Sagrada offers more possibilities in terms of the gameplay and the dynamic between the players, whilst in Azul it seemed when someone takes the lead it can become difficult to take that away from them, other than everyone conspiring against that player. At the same time it felt that if I was looking to trump the others I wasn’t scoring what I wanted…perhaps the idea is to find a fine balance or have 0 strategy and go with the flow…not sure on that one 🤔 Continue reading “Tactility Board Masters: Azul V Sagrada”

Jugando a LANTERNS

Hola hola gentecilla. Hoy os dejo nuestro primer post sobre juegos de mesa. Lanterns. Se trata de uno que ha salido hace poco – finales de 2015 – y con el que yo me tropecé de casualidad en Draughts: el primer café de juegos de mesa de Londres. El sitio está muy bien, si pasáis por ahí echadle un vistazo, que mola. El juego me gustó tanto que de hecho me le compre en el mismo Draughts después de haberlo probado, y desde que lo compre le he dado bastante uso (y eso que esto ha sido a mediados de enero). Así que vamos a ver de qué va el asunto, a ver si os animáis a probarlo.

La caja del juego

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LANTERNS: The Board Game

Welcome to our first posts on my never-ending vice – yes, board games, not comics! Shocker, I know!

I came across Lanterns one recently. I was meeting with a dear friend in London, to go visit Draughts – the first board game cafe in London, it’s really cool, go check it out if you can! So as we geeks do, we have some noms to eat, and proceeded to spend like 4 hours just trying games. Lanterns was our last one. We didn’t have a clue what it was about, but it was pretty, seemed interesting, and we decided to give it ago. Needless to say, I liked the game so much I bought it on the spot and I’ve played it already countless times (…And the purchase only took place in January…). So please let me show you how this works, ’cause it’s well cool, and Pretty.

Game cover
Game cover

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