Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 16: Superheroes

The podcast returns! It’s been a couple months since we last uploaded, so here is one from the backlog that I finally had the time to edit.
We are joined by our friends Diptarup and Jaq once again to talk about heroes of the super variety!
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Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 6: Comics

We are back again with the podcast! And the podcast now has a new home at

You can also follow the podcast on Spotify here, and we should soon have pages on Apple and Google podcasts!

In this latest episode we finally talk about comics. We are joined by our friends Diptarup Ghosh Dastidar and Jaq Greenspon. Both, along with Lilly are comics experts and scholars! … Alex is here too.

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The Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 1

Here we have the first episode of our new Manaburnt Podcast! 

The aim here is to just have some informal chats with interesting geeky people, and see what comes of it! For this episode Lilly and Myself are joined by our friends Mike and Jaq. We kick things off with an impromptu chat about fencing, of all things, before getting onto RPGs and Superhero Comics, and then both combined!

Links for the the RPGs discussed
Necessary Evil:…

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

What Was the Fuss with Venom and What Happened with Daredevil?

I literally just went to see Venom this weekend gone. And, I tell ya, I came out of the movie thinking: ” Why were people so bloody annoying and judgy?!”. I will be honest, I didn’t have the greatest expectations because I am never 100% on board with the adaptations of Marvel stuff to movies (just my personal opinion!). The Spiderman universe, however, has always been one of my favourites, and I have religiously followed it – therefore Venom wasn’t gonna be left out. I have always had a dear love for symbiotes (in fact, writing a paper related about this! Keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested), and thought that the CGI looked good from the trailers. Plus Tom Hardy…when has be not been excellent? So off I go to see Venom… Continue reading “What Was the Fuss with Venom and What Happened with Daredevil?”

Geek Economy: Comics & the Market

Today I come back with a subject that affects my pocket regularly, and possibly yours too. Of course, comics; I never have enough. I do have a double problem with this subject because I buy comics for research, and because I want them. So being practical about how I invest my earnings on this respect is pretty important and has defined the way I collect comics.

I was never into number serials. It never felt like value for money: just a few pages for all my weekend money. The economy if a child is limited. In addition, most of these comics were – and still are – superheroes. I still have the same problem with these. I don’t buy superhero comics much these days, except very specific stuff. My dad owns lots so I guess I never really felt the need to buy some, I could just grab whatever he had at hand. In addition, we have such a great culture for Francophone BD in Spain that a lot of the comics that ended in my hands at a very young age were volumes rather than serials, therefore the stories were pretty self-contained. I think it made more sense for me to purchase/read these even though periodically as it felt I was getting more value: longer read, usually cheaper price, easier format to keep – better “vol.1” than 100 “#1-#100” stacked up in a precarious way somewhere in my room.

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My Problem with Captain America: Civil War

I’ll try to keep this one short because I could potentially rant forever about my disappointment with Captain America: Civil War – also I’ll try not to make many spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Where to begin?! First hour/hour and a half of movie drags on. A Lot. I was Bored Out of My Mind. The inappropriate seriousness, and the dry argument line just prompted me to spend more time looking at my phone than the screen. By the time everything goes kaboom, I actually had to check my watch thinking “there cannot be much movie left”, only to find the agony of another hour waiting for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy they actually decided to bring this topic into the Marvel narrative, but there were ssoooo many other ways of approaching the subject. Civil War involves more than 8 characters, c’mon. It does not deserve that name: it’s more like Cap’ holding a grudge ’cause Stark is right. I am sorry, but it doesn’t make any justice to the intrinsic violence, alliance issues, involvement and reach of the actual concept of Civil War. It was perhaps better suited for an Avengers movie or just a generic Marvel Universe thing.

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Kick Ass – The End of the Line

Hello again! So you may have notice we are mad busy talking about multiple things around here. One of the things that has kept me preoccupied has been my ever-growing collection of comic books. I got a fair few for Christmas, amongst which was the last volume of Kick Ass. And tell you what guys…I was dreading the moment I’d get to read it. Why? Because Kick Ass 3 is the end of the Series…Yep, that’s it. No more Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. for you lovely people.

It was a tough decision to make. Picking up something you know once you finish reading, there is no more – apart from re-reading obviously! It was a moment I had been waiting for and yet, I didn’t want to get to. I loved Kick Ass from day one. In fact, one fo my first memories from moving to the UK to go to uni was going to Southampton’s Odeon during the Easter break of 2010 to see the first movie. Man, did I jump on that sit like a child on a candy store! Immediately afterwards, my parents and everyone who knew me were more than aware than I needed the comic. And obviously, I got it eventually. I was blown away by the crudity of the story, yet the invaluable lessons that were thrown at my face like – here, deal with it. Hit Girl was the coolest thing on print. The hype just wouldn’t stop. So I am just going to go on a rampage regarding this amazing series that if you haven’t read yet, you really should. Therefore, and before we continue, please be aware that SPOILER ALERT is on. Continue reading “Kick Ass – The End of the Line”