Women of Colour: Geekdom and Some Recent Developments

A little while back I heard someone complaint about the lack of women of colour in the geek industry. I do not remember whether the person in specific (some blogger somewhere) meant this in a specific media or genre. In any case, the comment stuck in my head for a while, and made me actually put an effort into finding women of a non-white background, in my comics and TV series, particularly women of ethnic origins with darker skin – leaving the Asian far east for another occasion. And I don’t know if it was serendipity or fate, but almost as soon as I started, these girls started cropping up. And let me tell you, they are all kickass!

My first point of reference was obvious. Any browncoat would immediately call Zoe into action for that. What more could anyone want than Zoe? Clever, disciplined, reliable, honourable, knows to handle her guns, fights for what is right. She may be a woman of few words, but when she speaks it is to be heard. But, of course, Firefly and Serenity are not the most updated data on the subject. Yet, it didn’t take me long to find an example everywhere I looked. Following the sci-fi train, I soon enough met Dutch: the fearless badass main character of Killjoys. Dutch is no lady, she is a killer, a trained assassin, a renegade princess. Guns (and Johnny) are her best friends. She is bloody-minded, not scared of using any of her charms and skills to get the job done. But she is also fragile, has a lot of baggage and issues. Yet, at the end of the day, Dutch always delivers. Her wild looks remind us that, in an age ruled by fear of terrorism, people from the Middle-East are not just the messed up criminals you see on the news – they can be dystopian saving freedom fighters too; the good guys, or girls in this case. But that was almost an easy find: you all knew about Killjoys presence in ManaBurnt before this right? Well, let’s give you some other examples of non-featured before series:

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Scientist Women & Science Fiction

I’ve been on a big sci-fi rampage lately, and whilst doing some research on gender studies and what have you not, I came across these thoughts I want to share with you guys today. I have always been really happy with the positive and active portrayal of women in sci-fi and fantasy which fall outside your usual girly girl stereotype. Particularly, I like how science fiction has that ability to bring women back into the scientific/technological environment which is not commonly represented in ordinary TV shows, movies, books, comics, and hey even society. I mean you all may not a nurse or a doctor who is a woman, but how many female engineers, chemists, mathematicians have you met in your life? The point is this is still a fairly uncommon site. I remember in the last year or so the BBC has produced several programmes such as “Girls Can Code”, and other documentaries about women in science.

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Killjoys: “The Warrant is All”

With the recent announcement from SyFy confirming that Killjoys is back for the Summer of 2016, I decided it was time we talked about this series that has really tickled me. My father originally recommended that I watched it when I was visiting home for Xmas. He called it “Firefly’s little sister”. And as a commended browncoat that I am, I decided I needed to test this myself. So I hooked up the TV and…

…A few hours and days later, Killjoys was My Kinda Series.

Now, I won’t ruin it all for you and make spoilers, for the 10 episodes that are out so far are really worth while. So I’ll give you a waltz through, see what you think.

The series follows a team of I guess you can call them space bounty hunters. We meet John and Dutch first, then D’Avin comes along. Dutch is the team leader for this squad of Killjoys that works for the RAC – an independent organisation that takes care of business for whoever will pay, always remaining neutral. Dutch is a badass, practical, strong and decisive woman, with a pretty disturbing past, that accounts for a lot of her amazing assassin like moves and skills. She is a fantastic diplomat too and a con artist when needed. And then we have John. John is awesome, everyone loves John. He is daring, reckless, kind and charming. He is both the pilot, engineer, technician and unlikely daredevil of the team – more often than not. Shortly into the first episode, Dutch and John, get hold of D’Avin who is John’s older brother, and who has been missing for several years. The emotional tensions and family issues will take over most of the relationship between the two brothers, and the team in general. And for that reason, D’Avin must prove himself to Dutch. Dutch and John have bonded almost like siblings, and the space amazon is too protective of her own to just let anyone in. But D’Avin is truly a good guy. He used to be in the military – then things and stuff happened…and he wasn’t in the military anymore! – so he is a great addition to the ranks of the RAC. He is a soldier in every way. A hero, put perhaps a broken one. Continue reading “Killjoys: “The Warrant is All””