My Top 5 WWII Games

We may be seeing a bit of a comeback in WW2 videogames soon, what with the new Call of Duty going back to its roots, perhaps influenced by Battlefield’s decision to aim in a similar direction with their WW1 setting. So if you fancy trying out some of the best WW2 games that are currently available, then allow me to share with you my favourites!

1. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad


Now with these lists I generally don’t intend to rank the games in any particular order, and the same goes here, with the little exception of this game. Red Orchestra 2 is perhaps my favourite WW2 game and First Person Shooter of all time. Despite being released in 2011 and reasonably old now, it still holds up. The gameplay has such a good mix between realism and enjoyability. The graphical and sound design are brilliant, with some of the best modeled weapons, and best weapon sounds I’ve ever seen. Even the voice acting is top notch, with the team you’re playing as speaking accented English that somehow doesn’t sound cheesy, and the enemies speaking either Russian or German. The combination of the fast yet thoughtful and deadly gameplay, the necessity of team cohesion from squad to commander level, and realism where it counts is a brilliant combination.  Continue reading “My Top 5 WWII Games”

Verdun: A WW1 Game Done Right

If you’ve read my previous review of Battlefield 1 then you’ll know what I thought of its attempt of a World War 1 setting. At best it was just a lazy reskin of existing Battlefield mechanics and gameplay, and at worst it was an insult to the reality of the war. Well now allow me to introduce you to a game that is also a multiplayer first person shooter, and yet manages to combine historical authenticity and solid gameplay into something unique and enjoyable.


Verdun was developed and self-published by two very small development teams based in The Netherlands. It was released as a beta on Steam early access in 2013 and fully released in 2015. The game consists entirely of online multiplayer matches based around one core gametype called ‘Frontlines’, alongside very simple deathmatch, team deathmatch, and wave defense modes. The game boasts a large amount of authentically modelled and functioning WW1 weapons, accurate uniforms and squads for various countries, and maps based on real WW1 battles, mostly consisting of areas around Verdun itself, but also some others based in other areas and later parts of the war.

Now obviously this game is going to be compared to Battlefield 1. There are only a handful of games set in WW1 out there, and as far as I know, these are the only two that are FPS games. So why do I say this game is so much better than Battlefield? Well let’s take it through a few different criteria. Continue reading “Verdun: A WW1 Game Done Right”

Battlefield 1: Supposed to be a WW1 Game?

The latest game in the Battlefield series recently came out. They named it ‘Battlefield 1’ due to it being set in WW1. A new and interesting setting for a mainstream shooter, or at least it could have been.

The game has received overall praise for the daring feat of making a game based on WW1 and somehow still making it fun, while also depicting the horrors of the war and paying respects the those who fought. I’m left wondering if everyone’s talking about the same game.

The first point I feel I should make about this game is that there appears to only have been the barest amount of effort put into making this game actually feel like it is set in WW1. It’s fair enough to say that the developers didn’t aim to make a realistic historical game, but then maybe their approach while making and advertising it should have reflected that. On top of this, it pretty much plays like it is exactly the same game as the last game made by DICE, and every other Battlefield game of the last 5 years despite them all having varying settings, from modern war, police vs criminals, and even Star Wars! All of these games are all practically exactly the same once you get down to playing them, and just seem to have a different coat of paint. Even then the user interface and HUD look remarkably similar, all with minimalist modern design that adds no theme to the experience, but I suppose it is functional if nothing else. Continue reading “Battlefield 1: Supposed to be a WW1 Game?”