3 Comic Strips to Cure the Winter Blues

Today, making use of my extensive collection in Santander, I bring you a selection of comic strips that I particularly enjoy. Unlike comic series, graphic novels or volumes, I like reading comic strips because of their humour. I mean that was the point when they starting coming out as cartoons in the newspapers, to cause an effect with their gags and sketches. The use of sarcasm, the familiarity of the scenes, etc. However, please do not understand this as me reading them lightly or using them as easy reading, or something just to go by. There is a well established tradition in my family of reading these comic strips just as seriously and with the same dedication as any other comic series. My dad is an avid reader and fan of classics such as Dilbert, or Pearls Before Swine, and many others – Calvin and Hobbs being an all time favourite.  However, my selection of today will be something perhaps a bit less familiar, at least in some cases. So here I go:

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