Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 28: Narrative Miniature Painting

Today Lilly and Alex are joined by James again to talk about miniature painting, this time with special guest Neil from @paintgreatminis to talk about what he calls “narrative painting”, as well as a few techniques!

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3D Printed Minis from LichForgedMythics

Today we bring you a review of some minis that we got from a new business on Etsy called LichForgedMythics, who are a 3dprinting company based in Lichfield (UK). You can find their shop here:

LichForgedMythics print their miniatures from the Cast and Play range ( ) and are selling different products on their Etsy. The key product are the mystery boxes, which is what we got. It is as simple and amazing as what it sounds: you order a box, it contains 4 random minis from the Cast and Play range, you open the box and BOOM, MINIS! They also offer some themed boxed and some big minis on their own like the werewolf that looks absolutely epic! In any case, you came here for a review, not to hear me rant about other stuff so, buckle up and pics will follow underneath.

First of all I must say that, from a delivery and service point of view, LichForgedMythics get a 12/10 best boys in the galaxy because the minis came in like a day, perfectly wrapped up, no post damage, all good. Here are some pics of them fresh out of the box.

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Geek Economy – the Monopoly of Games Workshop

So this afternoon I just went into my local Games Workshop to buy some supplies – I have currently 2 very neglected armies (Dark Eldar and Bretonnia – yeah I like playing hard core where the rules are against you). Moreover, I was bought some lovely Wood Elves for Xmas and I find the painting very therapeutic and relaxing. So I needed some spray paint, glue and some 5 citadel paints for these models…and just like that 40 pounds disappeared and I virtually bought nothing…

Here is me thinking, I could have got at least a decent deck/cards worth if I had made that investment on Magic The Gathering, bought a few comics, one board game or two…so tell me, why did I do this? This is how the economy of the geek works. There are plenty of comic book producers and game developers. Magic the gathering is not the only collectible card game in the martket with a large enough fan base – Yugioh, Pokemon, etc. But if you want to play table top wargaming, your options are limited. So here is this post about geek economy or things to think about when you spend money of your hobbies. Continue reading “Geek Economy – the Monopoly of Games Workshop”