Gotham – La Serie que te Estas Perdiendo

Os traigo hoy un asunto del que no he hablado todavía en ninguna de nuestras entradas en español. Me refiero a una serie de televisión que a mí me encanta, y que por desgracia en España no se transmiten (al menos por el momento) – Gotham. Me ha parecido ver que al parecer hay un doblaje para ambas que se produce en Méjico, pero no estoy segura de que esto sea en capacidad oficial, ni tampoco estoy segura de que sea accesible a aquellos que no vean series en Internet. Por tanto, dejad que os hable sobre el tema.

Evidentemente la serie es  el producto de la oleada de superhéroes que están abarcando todos los medios y servicios de marketing y merchandise posibles: pelis, juegos, figuras, os los sabéis todos. Tanto Marvel como DC están a ver quién consigue arruinarse primero en este negocio. Actualmente tienen las dos franquicias bastantes series en televisión. Marvel empezó con Agentes de Shield, Agent Carter, y está siguiendo su historia de Los Defensores con Daredevil, Jessica Jones y Luke Cage, e incluso se rumorea que le van a dar al Punisher su propio nicho. Por su parte, DC ha sacado Arrow, Flash, Supergirl y más recientemente Lucifer – y Gotham, por supuesto. Así que hay para escoger y repartir. Tal vez os preguntéis porque con tantas series a escoger de estos dos titanes del comic, he ido yo a coger esta. Veamos.

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What I have to Say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So this is my review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There has been a lot of talking since the release of the movie on the 23/03/2016, and I wouldn’t normally take part in any controversial and rocky topic that includes the word “Superman” – my dislike for the character is well-known. However, I actually feel like I have something constructive to say about the son of Krypton and the so much defamed Ben Affleck. Just hear me out.

I saw the movie just the saturday gone in my local cinema (Winchester, UK). I had tried not to read much on the subject before the movie, and I had barely paid attention to the trailers. I think I was trying hard not to make myself even more biased. I think I succeeded. So there I sat and let the screen do its thing. My first impression is: don’t listen to everything everyone says on the internet kids. Considering all the mixed reviews and odd feelings the movie had awaken in most viewers I found my judgement relatively balanced. I actually thought the movie was alright. Not a killer, not movie of the year, but neither the sort of atrocity some critics, or website like Rotten Tomatoes are describing. The acting was decent – not superb, but decent. I have to say that Mr Affleck makes a competent Bruce Wayne, and for the Batman he plays – which please all remember is not the Dark Knight, neither your classic one, but rather an older, tougher, disheartened one – he did just fine: good poker face Ben, good. Now, I will reveal my weakness…I am actually quite fond of Henry Cavill – he is a nice guy, and actually that is the one thing that makes his version of Superman bearable for someone like me. He doesn’t indulge in the cheesie idealised super American over the top Superman I hate. I find Cavill makes him fairly approachable and even relatable, warm.

It is difficult to engage with an alien master-race that can survive living under the radiation of a super powerful star just to become a demigod, you know? But Henry makes me think, “well, perhaps I misunderstood the guy. Perhaps Clarkie isn’t such a douche after all”. Unfortunately for Amy Adams, I hate Lois Lane with a passion – but she is a great actress, and from that perspective i have no complaints. Personally speaking I think the 2 characters I enjoyed most of the entire movie are Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. Jesse Eisenberg ladies and gentleman!! What a dude!! He really spins Luthor into his own man without losing the essence of this charismatic quirky villain, and brings it to the screen anew, fresh, leaving behind the preconceptions promoted by Smallville and such. And Gal Gadot – they couldn’t have casted anyone better. She was a great match, and although her role is relatively small, I really hope to see more of her in the forthcoming series of movies, because I thought she was great. Nonetheless and to my shame, I though Jeremy Irons as Alfred was not very good at all – left me cold and indifferent, if he wasn’t in the movie, I wouldn’t have noticed or even care. Which is a Shame, because Alfred has been a constant DC favourite of mine. Anyway, moving on to other things. Continue reading “What I have to Say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”