Coping With COVID19 With Love Nikki

So, no surprises here, the quarantine means that I have a lot of time in my hands. We have done several recordings for the podcast (yay), but I’ve also played a lot of video games. The Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Community has been very active through this entire ordeal and there have been many exciting challenges to do so I have been making lots of designs, and I’ve had to make space in my account so, I am posting up some pics from challenges I’ve completed – old and new.

A few of these come from the “Tag Challenge”, which involved doing a design with a tag that categorises clothing into a particular theme. Also, because I’m not just a basic designer (duh), I added little descriptions/titles/stories/concepts to the images to understand what was it that I was trying to create. So, here we go.

This one was from the “Chinese Classical” Tag. I called it Moonlight Serenade. It reminded me a bit of that melancholy moment in Wuxia films by the lake with a flute.

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GOKUDOLLS – New Dark & Bizarre Anime Parody from Netflix

Happy new Year everyone – and apologies for the quiet last few weeks: Alex and I have been super ill and with the Xmas holidays it all clashed together. In any case, today I come to talk briefly about an anime Netflix has going on at the moment and that caught me 100% by surprise. I think a fair few of them would be right onto this. It is called GOKUDOLLS (or Back Street Girls as it is known in the English-speaking world), and it is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in a long time!!

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Anime: from Childhood to Adulthood

Hey there! I’ve noticed we haven’t really touched upon this, which I thought it was odd because anime was perhaps one of the most accessible geekiest things of my childhood. We had cable TV in my home and through Cartoon Network, FoxKids, and eventually Buzz, the vast majority of the cartoons I used to watch, were anime!

I think one of the very first shows I followed through was Sailor Moon…My mum really liked it; she had the mangas and everything. Sailor Moon was super popular in Spain during the 1990s, probably even more than Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z. They used to air on public TV: Sailor Moon at lunch time, and DB/DBZ after school. As I got slightly older, around 8/9 years old, I remember the Pokemon and Digimon mania took over. Yet, I was more fond of the less watched shows such as Medabots and Monster Rancher which I used to watch before bed. Shortly after arrived YuGiOh, and Dragon Ball GT – of which I am actually very fond of because Trunks is awesome in any way shape or form. (If the order of these series doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, please do bear in mind that TV in Spain was seriously behind the rest of Europe/the world, and sometimes we got hold of shows that were a decade old…). Then, in the early 2000s, something amazing happened.

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RWBY – La Serie Web Que lo Esta Bordando

Buenas tardes gentecilla.

Abrimos nuestra primera entrada en español de este blog con una frikada que me mola mucha y con la que ando muy encariñada. Por desgracia es una de esas cosas que solo se publica en inglés, y para más inri, no la encontrareis muy fácilmente por sitios como YouTube porque la tienen muy bien controlada. Se trata de la serie web de animación RWBY.

Aquí os pongo el enlace de la página web donde la podéis ver gratis – eso si en inglés y sin subtítulos.

Rooster Teeth es una plataforma web que es sobre todo conocida por su serie Red Vs Blue – una serie que parodia el juego Halo. Tras 13 largas temporadas, los dos equipos y sus party kills son uno de los fenómenos de internet más conocidos en el mundo anglosajón. Y así es como se lanzaron al estrellato estos señores – así y con sus podcast y su serie de guías y reviews de videojuegos llamada Let’s Play. Con una gran base de seguidores, y con puestos garantizados cada año en jornadas como la Comic Con de San Diego o MCM London, la productora ha ido creciendo y expandiéndose, creando más y más series. RWBY es una de sus últimas y más exitosas creaciones. Tras una arrasadora premier en la RTX (Austin, Texas) de 2013, Monty Oum y los suyos sacaron el primer episodio en su página web. La serie comienza con 4 trailers promocionales presentando a los 4 personajes que serán el centro de la acción: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona y Yang Xiao Long – Red White Black y Yellow en inglés, fueron el nombre de estos videos, refiriéndose al color que se convertirá en su identificador a medida que la serie progresa. Continue reading “RWBY – La Serie Web Que lo Esta Bordando”