Greetings! And Welcome to our space ready to party like a D&D quartet – all things shiny and geeky in the galaxy included.

Meet the editorial team –  me (Lilly) and Alex – Him, a bounty hunter hobbit, with an addiction to videogames and all things pointy (swords mainly!) with the hopes of becoming a great re-enactor one day (soon!!). And me – a jack of all trades – fantasy/sci-fi nerd, with more comics than history books, more board games than I could ever play, and more stories than I could ever tell.

What you can expect from us? Honest, informed opinions of all geek matters above. Otherwise, we will Manaburn – and despite that rule has now been scrapped by Wizards of the Coast in their Great Wisdom, we take it THAT seriously.

So just follow us and our trip through places you will never see but you wished you had, from Middle-Earth to Neverland. We will do our best to entertain you.

Rock and Roll, and peace out! See you in the next official post!

-Watch The Skies Traveller-


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