3D Printed Minis from LichForgedMythics

Today we bring you a review of some minis that we got from a new business on Etsy called LichForgedMythics, who are a 3dprinting company based in Lichfield (UK). You can find their shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LICHFORGEDMYTHICS.

LichForgedMythics print their miniatures from the Cast and Play range (https://www.castnplay.games/ ) and are selling different products on their Etsy. The key product are the mystery boxes, which is what we got. It is as simple and amazing as what it sounds: you order a box, it contains 4 random minis from the Cast and Play range, you open the box and BOOM, MINIS! They also offer some themed boxed and some big minis on their own like the werewolf that looks absolutely epic! In any case, you came here for a review, not to hear me rant about other stuff so, buckle up and pics will follow underneath.

First of all I must say that, from a delivery and service point of view, LichForgedMythics get a 12/10 best boys in the galaxy because the minis came in like a day, perfectly wrapped up, no post damage, all good. Here are some pics of them fresh out of the box.


As you can see there is no sign of the residue that the supports sometimes leave, and for those of you who don’t know what I may be refereeing to, here is a picture of how a freshly printed mini looks like and the work these guys have to do to clean them up!

3d printing supports

We were already pretty happy with our little kobold, our goblin archer, the female dwarf and bandit (or rogue whatever take you wanna go with), but then we primed them, and the details really came alive. I am used to Games Workshop and Para Bellum minis so to know that this degree of detail came from a 3d printer really had me in awe. The resin is clearly good quality and our spray paint to prime them took easily on them (we use Army Painter primer for that). And then it was just  a matter to wait for them to dry and put some paint. I decided that the best way to truly see quickly how the paint took to the minis and how the details came through would be by using the contrast paints from Citadel/Games Workshop. And here is how it went.

3D printed minis
Female dwarf
Goblin archer
DnD rogue

Considering that the Kobold is significantly smaller than the rest, it was great seeing that the detail was not lost in it. I loved painting my curvey dwarf like a diva, the bandit like a flamboyant pirate I guess, and the goblin archer just pure metal.

Seriously impressed with these minis, the quality, the diversity, and the great service that LichForgedMythics have provided. So, what are you waiting for, go get yours! Oh, and just for stopping by, here is a discount for the mystery boxes only on us: MANABURNT10 .

See you in the next one.

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