Shadow War:Armageddon Campaign Report

So, I decided to treat myself to some new plastic crack only with the condition that I would paint it and play with it. And of course with the lockdowns, I thought, no way in hell I’m playing Warhammer 40000 properly any time soon. (Plus I don’t like the new rules, sorry). Then, my friend mentioned Kill Team and Shadow War, and it picked my interest. You see, when I started playing Warhammer nearly 20 years ago, the main difference between 40k and Fantasy was that 40k was more skirmishy like whilst Fantasy was more about big ass battles. And that’s what i liked about Shadow War: Armageddon, that is all about small missions. With just a few models (depending on the army of course) you can have a real fun game, and rather quick! (And without the fear of getting tabled on turn 2 – you 40k competitive players know what I am talking about, Damn meta!). And I must say this is being really fun. Don’t get me wrong, I am still deeply frustrated that, despite my tactic and strategic abilities the dice kill me time and time again, but hey, it’s a goood laugh and the character developments (or advances) from each model are super fun. Let me tell you how it’s going so far…

The Ork bois need name tags cause they are many and we forget who’s shooting. My fav is Shoot’ms.

It’s three of us playing: me with my sisters of battle, James who you’d know from our podcasts with his Space marines (allegedly Dark Angels although the book isn’t technically including them as a chapter but whatever), and Fergus with da Orks and I would love to say all da Dakka…but half his bois don’t even have guns (lol!) numbers are more important than boom booms and pew pew). You get to name your squad and all your characters, so let me introduce you to my list and my kick ass girls:


  • Sister Superior Avangeline (geek reference here to the baddass character created by Rob Liefield for the Maximum Press comics). She has a chainsword, short bright red pixie haircut and hates “The One Who Knocks” (Da Ork Boss). Why? Coz it had to be someone and he big.
  • Sister Kalixta: my 1 handed sister with a bolter which I made intentionally this way cause I didn’t want my girls to be ordinary. The handicapped badass is actually the most competent person in the team and has the highest skills (BS 5, T4 damn guuurrrll).
  • Sister Ilia (another geek ref here if you know your scifi and videogames you can pick and choose). She also hates and Ork – Lil Slugger – cause they ended in a pretty close 1v1, and she is quick (M5). The model also has a bolt crossbow, inconsequent to the game but extra cool points for looks.
  • Novitiate Sister Daliah: she actually just completed her 3 missions and ascended to full sisterhood – Ave Imperator.
  • Sister Specialist Therina: my flamer girl, also now known as Angry Sister, because after a horrible battle with the Orks and the Marines she gained the trait Frenzy. This means she must always charge and gets extra attacks cause she mad. She also run out of ammo in the first game and pushed a Marine from the top of building cause she gets shit done. (And if you watch American Gods, Anansi says that Angry gets shit done, so she’s proof).
  • Sister Specialist Sigrita: (a hint to my Norse badass shieldmaidens) she is our Heavy Bolter lady and she has had awful games bless her. Didn’t get to play at all on her first game, took a hit almost immediatedly on her second and third game. Only managed to actually shoot some stuff on our latest. Because of this she gained hatred of the HB Marine Asmos – and she killed him good last game so she’s ok.
  • Novitiate Amaya: this poor girl, I just brought her on with no weapons (sadly when you spend your points you can either bring new models or new equipment but not both at the same time), and she immediately got captured by Orks. My next mission actually involved rescuing her…
  • Sister Unna, she’s only had one game, she’s pretty fresh and doesn’t have trauma, yet. Just a Bolter lady.

So that is roughly what has been happening so far. I actually lost 3 out of 4 matches. The first one didn’t count as official cause we were just familiarising ourselves with the rules but still. However, I actually manage to win the last game against the Space Marines, so I redeemed myself (suck it ASMOS!) and because it was an ambush and I did great, I’ve managed to crawl back to a tie in points so, go me. I expect my luck won’t last long as the boys are bringing expensive gear and one of my sisters doesn’t even have a weapon…But it’s so much fun. Underneath are pics from my last 2 games. Kudos to Fergus for the awesome original Necromunda terrain! So awesome! 😀

Here be Avangeline shooting some Marines.
My girl Kalixta with her legit one hand providing support and stealing the show. What a babe!
Poor Sigrita faceplanting the floor as usual with her heavy bolter, after that damn ork boi (Da Business) shot her with his big guns! 😦
Therina with her Angry Flamer looking to charge against da Orks and the newbie whom I forgot didn’t have a weapon lol aiming at apparently nobody.
Ilia facing the Space Marines after she one shot their Commander – badass.

Overall, and despite my luck, I’m really enjoying Shadow War: Armageddon and I really would encourage you guys to give it a go. It’s a more wholesome kind of wargame in my opinion, the little storyline is pretty fun and it is so much quicker, whilst still getting all the 40k flavour.

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