The Witcher RPG: Kassya – Witcher Backstory

Following on from my previous post “Getting into Character: The Witcher RPG”, here is the backstory for Kassya, my Gryphon School Witcher, and the baggage she is bringing to the game we are playing.

I found this email on Google, which helped me envision who Kassya was, just a bit rougher around the edges and with the traditional Wicher eyes. Kudos to the artist because it is badass and it really helped me.

I don’t remember a lot about my life, mostly because my childhood was a haze of trials, blood and alchemy. Then there are other parts which I choose to forget. I was born in Cidaris, the location of which I actively forget everyday of my life. My parents, those people whom I’d rather think dead are very much alive. It is thanks to them that my last few years have been peaceful, and relatively quiet. They take care of…my sister, Niezska…whom in truth is my secret, the one thing I must protect and ensure stays alive. That was simply not an option around me. You see, Niezska is a young girl, probably not so young now; it’s been a while. But despite her life being short, her fate and mine is one of danger.

I spent my youth in the Kaer Y Seren. It wasn’t my choice. None of this was. I’m not sure most people choose this life of darkness and emptiness, but for my parents his was the only means for survival. So I don’t blame them; but I do hate them for it. It was there where I trained as a witcher, and it was there where I met the most despicable human to ever live: Kaehl Wryn. I don’t know much about him, only that he hates my guts and will take any opportunity to destroy anyone he sees fit. I am surprised he did actually make it through the training. It’s like that little weasel had some agenda against everyone and everything in the school, like he thought he was better than the rest of us – he always seemed like an entitled brat whose parents probably considered a gift instead of a curse. And for some reason, his hatred found a perfect landing spot on me. I always did what I had to do. I survive, and I don’t brag about it. Life is unforgiving, and that’s something I already knew before I went to the Gryphon School. Kaehl clearly didn’t. And I hope it really stings when he eventually learns that lesson if he hasn’t already.

 In any case, after completing my training, I spent a while trying to do what a Witcher would: rid the world of monster, danger, gain coin, be whether with whoever. But I soon learnt, that was not a life I could sustain. I’ve always felt best in the wild and on my own, and that’s where I longed to be, not in the cities and villages where all the scummy people look at me exactly like Kaehl always did. So, perhaps it was fate. Perhaps it was written that on one of my last hunts my life would take a sudden turn. I took a contract to take out a troll in a little town, in the middle of I don’t even care where. However, this was no troll: it was a bloody elementa, and although I slaughtered the thing, the money and the deal had to be set straight. So I returned to the major, who told me that was all the money they had, and swore to me they genuinely didn’t know the difference between the two things. To be honest I didn’t care, I just wanted to get paid and leave, so eventually we settled for compensation in the form of the Law of Surprise to be settled in a years’ time so the town could recover. And when I returned…I found Niezska. A Nilfgardian princess they said, here, in the north…why? And was she truly a princess or just a bastard child? I tried to refuse. I even offered to take some random grain and herbs and leave, but the price was fixed. As I left the town with this small person, confused, sad, distressed, her life in danger, in turmoil, just like mine…I knew I had to protect her, and give her the best chance I could to survive.

We travelled under false identities for days and nights, through the wild as often as this was possible, to ensure no one had a chance to know. And as we reached Cidaris, I headed straight for the old farm. I didn’t exchange many words with the people that brought me to this world. All I said was that her name was Niezska, and this was their second chance to be better parents. There was no need to say nothing else: they knew this was their responsibility and duty as much as mine. The knew they owed this to me. And they knew if this ever got out, I would come back and kill them. I left after that to the wilderness. I move as often as I can, sleeping in little huts and cabins, leaving as little evidence as I could, never showing my face if I didn’t have to. Always keeping my semblance hidden, only taking out contracts for survival: for me and Niezska, so that the hard farm life won’t send her to an early grave. Why? Because I don’t believe my payment was coincidental. Because I don’t think any of this was entirely an accident. And because I suspect that at some point, sooner or later Kaehl will come searching. Because a hatred like that doesn’t die with the years; it only grows.

…And that is Kassya. Hope you liked it. Stay tune for future updates 🙂

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