Coping With COVID19 With Love Nikki

So, no surprises here, the quarantine means that I have a lot of time in my hands. We have done several recordings for the podcast (yay), but I’ve also played a lot of video games. The Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Community has been very active through this entire ordeal and there have been many exciting challenges to do so I have been making lots of designs, and I’ve had to make space in my account so, I am posting up some pics from challenges I’ve completed – old and new.

A few of these come from the “Tag Challenge”, which involved doing a design with a tag that categorises clothing into a particular theme. Also, because I’m not just a basic designer (duh), I added little descriptions/titles/stories/concepts to the images to understand what was it that I was trying to create. So, here we go.

This one was from the “Chinese Classical” Tag. I called it Moonlight Serenade. It reminded me a bit of that melancholy moment in Wuxia films by the lake with a flute.

This was from the “European” Tag. ‘Welcome to the masquerade’ inspired by Mardi Gras and Carnival back in Spain.
This was from the “homewear” Tag, appropriately subtitled chilling at home. I suspect many of you may find this relatable, trying to do everything you can keep yourself busy, entertained and stop you from going insane.
For the “Goddess” Tag, I had the concept of a deity of light. I also wanted to have some darker skin tone represented as the Nikki community is very involved in this and we now have started a trend on the game and social media called #nikkisofcolor
The “pet” Tag was very much anime/manga/kawaii inspired. I called it summoning showdown, imagining this girl, lonely because of the quarentine and summoning as many cute animals as she could to keep her company.
This is ‘the kingdom up in the clouds’, concept for the “Fairy” Tag. Again cutesy but a little silly and fun.
And last, but not least, this is my magical girl mid transformation from the “preppy” Tag. Obviously this is a homage to my dearest Sailor Moon, big fan here, as many of you know. But it has a few darker twist – masks, feel of uncertainty, the ears. Novice magical girl, in any case.

And that is all for today in this brief interlude guys. We will be coming with more podcasts over the next few days. In the meantime, share with us what you have been doing over the quarentine and keep safe.

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