Love Nikki – How Did I End Up Playing A Silly (But Surprisingly Good) Fashion Dress-Up Game

Greetings humans! Today I bring you an update about something I never thought I would find myself writing about, but as we all know, those who venture into the warp end up suffering from both insanity and corruption! In any case, look, I am just now playing regularly (and with this I mean daily!) this silly game. It is called Love Nikki, done by Elex games and you can download the app from the Google Play store free of charge. So yeah, it is a phone game, alright? I have never before been interested in one of these things. I found they were money grabs and just time-consuming, unnecessary things. But oh boy, all it took was a couple of my friends talking over it and a very, very dull and boring day at my previous job where I literally had nothing to do all day and had next to 0 customers for finding myself in need of some cheap and easy entertainment. That’s how it started. Then I found that I could kill some time in my super tedious train journey in the morning and on my back from work in the afternoon. And to this day, since roughly the end of October 2018, here I am, checking on my Nikki shenanigans in the bus and during my break.

So what is this game about? Well, to its credit, it is a very pretty fashion game. The art style is anime like, and in comparison with some other games of the same genre, I must say the graphics are Simply So Much Better – it doesn’t look cheesy or cheaply made. There has clearly been a lot of effort and dedication put into this and it shows with beautiful clothes, models and backgrounds. The user interface is very well done too, the game hardly ever crashes and it is idiot proof. What else do you want? But the thing that surprises me most, as much as i don’t actually pay much attention to it, is that there is a whole lore written behind the world in which Nikki goes on a quest to become the best stylist in Miraland. There are different realms, all with very specific fashion styles and thoroughly developed characters with personalities and background that take Nikki through this journey. I had never seen a game of these characteristics invest that much on this aspect. And, as much as like with all these games, there is a component of micro transactions and memberships to obtain more resources, I found that without spending 0 money, I advance in the game without any issues. I do not feel hindered by the fact that I am not spending, because the game is balance! They have weekly and monthly special events where simply by taking part – and logging in daily – you get special rewards, being this in-game currency or more clothes and accessories. the fact that you do not have unlimited resources makes it easy to put down the game, and dedicate to it a limited amount of time so that it is still enjoyable without it taking over your life. And even if you wanted to carry on playing forever, there is a free dress up section where – without advancing the story or your quests – you can try out and design different outfits for your gameplay.

This is the main menu and home screen, very easy to navigate.
Your quest and story stops. The rating on them is what you see above the pink disks. The difficulty setting is the ‘Maiden’ button.










This is the diary where all the style you share with the community are kept. You can also use it as a base for interactions with other players and their designs



Now, I must tell you – without wanting to brag – I am pretty good at this game. And I think it all has to do with the fact that, at the end of the day, as much as this is a fashion game and you should be looking at making cute little outfits for Nikki whilst acquiring experience, it all comes down to identifying patterns and establishing combos. All the pieces of clothing have different aspects that are rated accordingly to make them suitable within certain trends or styles. Therefore, by looking up and considering these details, scoring high is relatively easy. I must admit, that sometimes, particularly if it is a difficult mission – like a specific names outfit you need to pout together, or a combo that isn’t easily accessible – I don’t even care if Nikki looks like something out of a series B horror movie. If the items score on the right categories and she looks like a collage of my drawings when I was 4 years old (…or you know, 27. years old too, haven’t improved that much!) That Is Okay.

This is how the menu looks like when you are getting Nikki ready. The side bar takes you on to every item of clothing you own which is broken down in categories. Then each of those expands on to let you see the individual items.

In any case, the game has many functions. You have quests and missions, competitions, special events, stylist associations so you can have that social aspect of all these games, but without it being all about power politics. I have found that, as long as you stay active, associations are actually cool – you can do missions together and benefit from the joint rewards. And if you get stuck, there is a lot of people who will recommend the wining combo. There are also different levels of difficulty so that the game is not constantly predictable, just to step it up a notch. All that without spending 0 pennies!





Here I’ll take you through the process of dressing up Nikki. This was not for anything in particular, just to show you how it works.



And this is the final result – this is how it will appear on my diary so my friends can comment and rate it.

Overall, I must say that Love Nikki is actually a pretty decent game. In addition, the developers are clearly very customer focus: every time the server is down for an update, they make sure to give you some form of freebie, and they always try to do these updates when there is a lower amount of people to ensure that the daily updates are not disturbed…Which I think big names in the game industry could learn from!(Not pointing any fingers, but you lot know who they are!). So, with that said, I will leave you with a few pics I have taken of my designs over the last few days just so you can see how the game works and that the design of it is truly fantastic.

Sailor Moon Tribute!!
This was the first outfit I put together when I found the community facility and shared with my circle.
This is currently my avatar – Serenade

And if for whatever reason, you guys also play Love Nikki, drop us a comment with your designs, or add me as a friend 🙂 (Group pics are much more fun with people you actually know!)

See ya in the next one!

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