Be Responsible with Your Cardboard Crack – A Farewell to My MTG and Netrunner cards

I am not bringing you something exotic today, but rather sharing my experience of how I have come to terms that I am for good – or at least until the game changes and Wizards rethinks its strategy…so probably eternities from now – getting rid of my Magic: The Gathering collection. Sad as it is, the truth is I am not really invested in the hobby any more: I have pretty much ignored the last 2 sets of the game, and even before that, I was mostly making decks that I wanted to play with and nothing to do with whether they’d be tournament legal or not. Plus, after a while cards take a fair amount of space, so I needed to clear some of this. In addition, the sudden turn of events for Netrunner earlier on this year has also meant I am saying bye-bye to most o my cardboard crack.

If you have ever been in this situation, perhaps the scenario I will present you next may seem familiar, which is: what the hell do I do not with all of this, essentially, worthless cardboard? As you all know, unless you have MTG cards that are ancient or super broken, you will get nothing but peanuts for them. The buy sites of the likes of Chaos Cards, Manaleaks, and Magic Madhouse, would only take in certain cards, and unless your collection is humongous (or you are very lucky) the cost of shipping will just make this entire ordeal counterproductive. So what the hell do I do now? Yes, you may be able to get rid off a few cards, perhaps. Afer much thought, I decided to put up on LilianaMarket the cards that were worth a few pennies/pounds in the hopes someone in the community may be able to find them a decent home. If you are interested on how this community works – or want to have a nose through the cards I have put up – the site is here
The reason why I went with this is because, it was very convenient for me to put my cards there as the application does half of the job for you rather than having to spend hours looking through a buy list of writing it all up and hoping for the best price possible. The things I have put up for sale have been estimated by the site at a total value of £80 – and I didn’t have to do any of the maths. I accept the fact that perhaps I will never sell this cards. But I am willing to give it a try and see if I can find them a home. Not that I care about the money that much – however, like with Netrunner, it is mad how after all the money you spend, you have so little chance of getting any of it back. Even by selling comics and board games second hand you can take some profit back. But not with your delicious, precious cardboard crack. Oh No. And that is partially what is making the hobby disgusting. A few years back I got rid of half of my Warhammer collection – including bits, and random stuff, and got decent money for it! Even for models that are no longer in the game system. I had to do this through Gumtree and Facebook groups. When I have attempted this for my MGT or Netrunner cards, it’s been rather impossible. It makes no sense to me.
So, in any case, as you can imagine, those are only the cards that are “worth something”. What about the hundreds of commons, land cards, tokens, and other bits that you cannot get more than 1p if you are lucky? What do you even do with that. Well, in a very unexpected turn of events for a clumsy duck like myself, I decided to make something with them. I wouldn’t have the heart to just throw them away, and as much as I could give them to someone, some of those cards have been special for me. Granted, I am still keeping my actual playing decks intact – the cards I am getting rid off are the ones I do not play with or have never been able to fit around a deck. But they still hold nice memories. More importantly, every MTG card, like Netrunner – unlike many other collectable card games, is a genuine piece of art. How could a cultural nerd like me through art away, get it trashed or ignore it? That just wouldn’t work. So, out of my cardboard, I have made myself a cool folder for my RPGS. I took all the cards that I had with nice art work and sort them in a collage. I have also put some others aside for a dear friend of mine to turn into jewellery and a few other projects.

In this way, I can still keep my cards, and instead of gathering dust and taken up space, they will help create new magical memories. With this, I am kinda hoping to send a message to the game community. Particularly considering this time of the year, think of your precious possessions and think of what you throw away, what do you sell, where does it go, is the money worth it? Could you be doing something else with it? Think of your friends, of people who could give your stuff a second life, not just for the sake of the environment, or the economy, but for the sake of giving people the pleasure and chance of experiencing the fun you’ve had in their own way. After all, isn’t that what our community is built on?

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