What Was the Fuss with Venom and What Happened with Daredevil?

I literally just went to see Venom this weekend gone. And, I tell ya, I came out of the movie thinking: ” Why were people so bloody annoying and judgy?!”. I will be honest, I didn’t have the greatest expectations because I am never 100% on board with the adaptations of Marvel stuff to movies (just my personal opinion!). The Spiderman universe, however, has always been one of my favourites, and I have religiously followed it – therefore Venom wasn’t gonna be left out. I have always had a dear love for symbiotes (in fact, writing a paper related about this! Keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested), and thought that the CGI looked good from the trailers. Plus Tom Hardy…when has be not been excellent? So off I go to see Venom…

…And the thing is I really liked it. For starters, it felt the movie was well paced. The casting was great too, and the action scenes was cool. I wished it would have been R-rated like Deadpool, but I can understand how the got away with it, and to be honest, it didn’t detriment my enjoyment of the movie so, all good. I think Tom Hardy is incredible. I thought maybe he was a bit too hard-core for Eddie when the casting was announced, but I actually really enjoyed seeing him struggle, with his little funny voice being pitiful at stages rather than, you know, Bane. I loved the way he was constantly negotiating with Venom and apologising for the things he did without his control. And I actually laughed a fair bit. I thought the other symbiotes looked cool and I am really looking forward seeing more of them. They didn’t look weird or cheesy; they looked like evil space parasites of doom. So, that is my verdict for Venom.

Meantime, over in Netflix, here I go, super excited to see ma boi Matthew back on the screen – DD and I have a long history because of my massive crush on Elektra and my disgust at the fact I am not a ninja…I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons; although for different reasons. The first one was just flawless – in my opinion – through and through. The cast, the fight scenes, the pacing; everything. Season 2 slowed down a little bit for me, and I thought there was no need for so much Punisher in it, but I loved all the character development from everyone, not just DD, and of course Miss Natchios herself was a good add-on. So, here I am, in a super nest of cosy to devour the show for the following how many hours…And I was disappointed, frankly. The first few episodes are very good, and there are a few episodes in the season which are simply excellent. BUT, and here comes my main problem, there is so much extended filler for some thing I particularly didn’t think were necessary at this point in the story. Far too many unwanted flashbacks that do not really contribute to our understanding of many of these characters 0 particularly Karen. Look! I like the girl, but a lot of this stuff the talk about her, was sort of hinted already and didn’t really add much more with an entire episode dedicated to this. I felt the Kingpin/Vanessa relationship was very much forced on-screen and not always that important for the narrative: we already know and have known for AGES, literally 2 SEASONS, he would burn and kill for her, or if you’re not willing to believe that, to use her as a pretext for such. We know his back story, why did we linger over it so much again – no idea. Was it to draw parallels between him and our suddenly transformed new villain? Again, not really seeing the point there. I also felt there wasn’t enough Foggy in this season, and to my surprise, not enough cross-reference to Defenders either. So, over all, there were fantastic moments in the 3rd season…but the season as a whole, left me a bit cold. 

So, here we go Marvel…you will never cease to surprise me, I guess…

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