New Games for the Shelves and Quick Thoughts on Them

Hello everyone! We have been away on holiday but we are back with more. Hope the wait hasn’t been too terrible. Today, I’ll give you a quick talk of some new board games I have acquired recently as it was my birthday and you know, geek crack prevails 😀

One of the games I was bought was Tsuro. I have played the game around a trillion times, but I simply did not own a copy – and actually in case you didn’t know, the price of Tsuro has fluctuated so much lately that attempting to get a new copy of the game was sometimes unthinkable. I think in the last year or so I’ve seen copies go (unopened) from anything between £18.00 which is reasonable, to £30.00 – not so much….You know, I love the game and it is great fun, but considering it’s age and the fact that, well, it is not like a very high-end production – it is essentially a board and some tokens, 30 quid seemed a little bit too much. Nonetheless, it is now on my self and I am very happy about this. One of the reasons why I love his game is because it is dead easy: tile per turn, move your dragon through the path, try to stay in the board, done. It also caters for up to 8 players, but it is equally fun with two and it doesn’t take long, so it is overall a nice little game to have – Happy Lilly is Happy with the spaghetti twists of doom and wisdom. Also, this far, I remain victorious 😉

River Dragons – OME! This game is hilarious! I legit haven’t had as much fun as with the shenanigans that go into trying not to drawn in the Mekong as you get to the other side of the board. I think one of the coolest things, for me, about this game, is the fact that the board is double-sided so you can change the difficulty of the game, which is not something often provided in board games of this type. The other thing I like is that this is a very varied game and no two sessions will be the same. I really like the amount of relative randomness that goes into each turn, and how trying to outsmart your opponents often ends in your own doom. It is real good fun – nothing better for a Saturday evening like removing the plank your mate is about to jump into and see them splash into the water and all the way back to the beginning without the right moves, stones or planks. It is funevil! 😀

Raiders of the North Sea – I have reeeeaaallllyyy been looking forward to this one for a long time. We all know my Viking obsession is intense, and the dynamic of this game really fills in a niche in my collection. A few months ago I talked about Champions of Midgard, which is still pretty high up on my list of good games. I also have Vikings by Z-Man games which I thoroughly enjoy, and some others. But Raiders of the North Sea gives you that nice balance between tile management, worker placement and strategy, as well as a bit of random luck that the others don’t fulfil in the same way. The other cool thing is that there are many expansions that make the game varied. I haven’t played it yet, but from looking at the rules, this will be good fun – watch this space for more info.

Finally, just a quick mention to Sheriff of Nottingham which of course is old news – but then again, it has never been on my priority list due to the price. This is something, I know, I bang a lot when talking about board games, but the amount the ask for some of this stuff in some cases does not appear to be entirely justified. All you really need from the stuff in Sheriff of Nottingham to play effectively is the cards. Okay on top of that there are some bags and some identity boards…and that’s it. 25 – 30 quid for that? Seems a little too much, particularly when it is for a fairly restricted amount of players – yeah okay there is now an expansion, but I don’t particularly think Merry Men adds that much to the game itself, and it is not particularly cheap either. Again, price wise we are talking of new unopened copies – just so we are clear.

So that is what I have new in stock folks. Over the nest few weeks we will bring you more of our usual stuff. So keep an eye out, and as usual, if you have any new games, are considering buying any of the above or wanna share your own bits, just drop us a line 🙂


See ya.

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