DC – DAWN OF SUPER HEROES (Exhibition at the O2 London, 31/3/2018)

Hello Peoples! Hope you had an awesome Easter break – we certainly did and, in fact, we are bringing you some stuff from our visit to the exhibition that is currently being hosted at the O2: DC – Dawn of Super Heroes. This is just in the same place where we went to see the Star Wars Identities exhibition last year – and you can learn more about that one clicking on this link:

Of course, this exhibition was a completely different kettle of fish, and they are not really comparable in the same way – SW Identities was incredibly interactive and that was super cool! But, I think the display do what they have to do here. So, what can you expect from this? In essence; a lot of amazing original comic prints, from finished works to sketches, very high res story boarding images from the DC films, and some pretty badass costumes – the originals from the movies as well. One thing that I didn’t find as useful or as well done was the use of the audio guide. It is your traditional elongated telephone like device, which is not the most comfortable of things. In addition, the numbers for the audio guide were particularly hidden or not located next to the stuff they were supposed to be talking about, which made it a little annoyed and confusing at stages (and of course because technology hats me, my device was on its way out and you had to attack the buttons to make them play anything…but that’s probably just me and bad luck). That is perhaps my biggest criticism and I think they could have made better use of that resource. However, they did have a fair amount of screen where they were playing clips and videos from different interviews with artists, directors and producers from the DC Universe which were absolutely top stuff. So that is my piece on that.

In terms of what the exhibition is about, this is really a walk through how the DC superhero franchises have made their way from paper to the screen, with a focus on their recent productions leading up to the Justice League movie. So you got a lot of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman…JL and that is kinda it. So if you are hoping to go see lots of bizarre and obscure characters, then I’d hate to disappoint. However, like I said, what they have is good. Hell, I even stopped for the 2 and a half rooms dedicated to the Man of Steel and found it thoroughly interesting so, you know!

And that is all I can say on that front, it is cool but beware of what you are gonna go see, essentially. It is available until September at the O2 so you still have plenty of time and if you book in advance you have a good chance of getting a god deal on your tickets. And without more hesitation, here are some pictures of the things I took as highlights of the exhibit 😀 (yes, I know, it is mostly Batman…not my fault he is best :p)

See? I told you there was some Superman stuff…There were a fair few versions of his costume through the ages, but I just don’t find it that interesting…
Batman is best – always. We took several pictures with the Dark Knight because that statue is screaming “photograph me!”

Well, there simply aren’t many days when you can find not just a cool pic of Harley, but sketching notes on how to do it right. And this is how you do it.


Okay so far so good – now here comes the melting moment for me. I have always adored the Tim Burton Batman movies, and Michelle Pfeiffer will always be my Catwoman. To my surprise, here was her full original costume…Drooling happened a lot. Nerdgasm achieved. Happy Lilly for life. Pictures are not the best because the reflection in this part of the gallery was particularly prominent, but you get the idea.

I just love all the stitches and quirks of this one… :D


Some iconic Batman – Joker moments 🙂
Trust me to find the Jim Lee art pieces – like a blood hound searching for prey. Just inking glory.


I know a lot of people didn’t like Batman and Robin and Batman Returns, but I did like the film sets, and I think they are fair. Plus Jim Carrey is a perfectly good Riddler, and I don’t really have a problem with Arnie being Freeze, other than the cheesiness may have been a bit over the top. Two face just never was given enough on that one – that I concede.
This is Heath Ledgers costume for the Dark Knight. Next to it there was a wonderful clip explaining how the suit came to be, alongside with the make up and how this all became an intrinsic part of character creation and of Ledger’s iconic role.
….in case you were wondering, apparently they still have them
Another reason why Batman is cooler than Superman…Cause of this beaut. It was huge and shiny and I wanted to take it home.

Now, man of you may consider Suicide Squad a disaster – I will not go into that discussion currently, but from a film universe building point of view, this was required. Again, many criticisms have gone around this version of Harley and what have you not, but, will anyone try to deny me that a 21st century Harley living in such world as ours wouldn’t look a bit like that? Fashion develops and characters with it.

Last but not least, the best movie DC has made in the last decade. I must admit that the exhibition section on Wonder Woman felt that could have been more. There was considerably less space dedicated to it, considering the impact it has had in cinema and comics in general, I was perhaps a little disappointed on that front. And everything was certainly too bright because of colours and lighting so I only really managed this one which was epic.

My crappy phone camera doesn’t do it any justice but you get the idea.

Yes, there is a considerable lack of Justice League here – well that is because nothing in particular grabbed my eye for pics. There were a lot of comics and story board images but nothing that I thought : “that’s cool”. But there was an entire room dedicated to it, as well as a little clip at the end with like a medley of images and shots from all the movies, and items from the exhibition.There are two shops as well on the way out with a lot of merchandise.

Overall, this was all really cool and worth the visit, but I would insist that you need to have your expectations clear as to what you are going to see. So I hope that helps, and if you go along, let us know what you made of it 🙂


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