ABORDAGE – Board Game Bar/Cafe (Sofia, Bulgaria)


As some of you may already know, we had a little update stop for a week or so as I was away on holiday. Well, don’t you worry friends, because during our travels we discovered a super cool place where all geeks and board game lovers should ever go! I am referring to Abordage! 

Right in the city centre of Sofia (Bulgaria), this is a seriously nice place. Abordage has a lovely team running the place. I contacted them a day in advance to know if we needed to book a place or something, and some other bits because we wanted to be sure to enjoy the place to its fullest. After a lovely conversation over Messenger I found out that, not only Imma play games hard-core like I do, but that the place – which is all pirate themed btw! – is like the only place that serves mead! Oh Boy! The holiday only gets better! Now after having been trotting along all of the museums in Sofia, we knew we’d be hungry. Then they tell us that they don’t do food but they have a partnership with a burger place, so if we want, we can order from their mates and eat there when the burger arrives. SWEET! We already had high hopes. And when we arrived it didn’t disappoint.

The establishment was lovely: we really like the decoration and the way the space was organised. As you arrive, you find some tables, then the bar at the back and stairs that take you to an upper floor where there are more tables for play. Abordage also has a cabinet where they display items you can buy such as games but also merchandise, which is a feature I enjoy and we used – we bought one of the games we played: Kingdomino, which, btw we absolutely adored and you’ll be hearing more about it later. Watch this space.

The mead was Delicious! And the burger that we ordered from Skaptoburger were not only super tasty, but incredibly well priced (at least from our point of view, considering currency exchange and the like). If you want to know about them, this is their link:  http://www.skaptoburger.com/#menu

But don’t let me derail the conversation to what my stomach wants you to know. The staff at Abordage were genuinely amazing: they were lovely, funny, enthusiastic, and so incredibly welcoming. Here we were, a couple of foreigners that didn’t speak a word of Bulgarian much to our dislike. And yet, they showed us nothing but kindness. We were tought to play several game, and encouraged to try some Bulgarian games, which of course had to be done as where else would we do so?! 

However one of the games required more people, and here is when panic comes: we need to meet other humans?! To play a game we don’t know…?! What an idiot I was to be concerned. Nik and Del, bless their cotton socks, are like the coolest people in the planet (if you are reading this for any reason, thank you! You’re honestly amazing! And if you come to the UK, please get in touch!). We played the game Among Thieves: https://www.ozone.bg/product/among-thieves/ 

The mechanic is a bit similar to Broom Service, but you get to point finger at people who of course is much more fun, and you earn coin from thieving – honorable business all along. Well, it wasn’t only fun, but nice to know that the game had been developed by a friend of the Abordage team, as well as Nik and Del. And the wonderful Nikola, our games and drinks master all evening long, also had a hand in playtesting the game and sorting bits and bobs out. So we felt incredibly honoured and happy to share such game and venture with them. 

So what can I tell you about Abordage that you may still want to know. The people are amazing, the service is great, the prices are formidable and so is the atmosphere. Their selection of games is perhaps not as big as we have experienced in other places, but the games are well-selected and plenty, so you will not feel adrift. You will be cared for and you will be merry. But even if that is not enough, then know that Abordage also have weekly and monthly events when they organise landparties, movie screenings, a class to learn Bulgarian and lectures on different topics where the bring people from the uni and elsewhere! They are not only helping gamers to fuel their hobbies, but encouraging everyone with the spirits for it to learn something new every day. And that, is pretty awesome.

So, if you are in Sofia, if you are traveling to Bulgaria, or if you needed an excuse to do a board game bar/cafe tour, do be sure to stop in Abordage and you’ll be welcome aboard this deliciously heartwarming ship, matey!

You can find them on Facebook too: 



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