What We Saw at Terry Pratchett: His World

Entrance to the gallery

So a few weeks back we actually made it to the Terry Pratchett: His World exhibition at the Salisbury Museum (UK). I was a rather nice little exhibit that I think all of us enjoyed with delight – in fact I dare say it was almost a better experience because one of the crew had never read any Pratchett books or knew much on the subject. So in a very bizarre way, and given the context, the objects in the rooms allowed us to revisit some of our very favourite moments and ideas that surround the Discworld and the mind of one of our favourite fantasy authors. Certainly, a lot of the information was not new for us, but I think I was very nice seen it all streamlined in front of our eyes, unveiling a narrative we were familiar way, through a  different lens. I think some of the highlights for me were:

-Seeing Sir Terry’s sword that was made out of the meteor he came across.

Here be the sword – best shot I could take at it.

-ALL of the illustrations that covered the walls from the gallery – whether these were Pratchett’s own, or Kidby’s, they were truly amazing.

-The interactive touchscreen with all of the characters from Discworld and a little bio about them.

-The dressing up… You need a picture for this one don’t you? 🙂

Yes, that is me as one of the Witches. We are still unsure which one fits me best….

-And the note writing-table upstairs with all the notes from many people who had come to visit the exhibit – including Neil Gaiman and Mr Kidby in person.


It all gave it a lovely personal touch that felt rather warm and alive. It didn’t feel like a hollow exhibit with some bits and pieces put there for you to bewilder or be all snobby about your knowledge on the subject, but rather something to be shared with everyone as it was meant to be.

And for that reason, I think it is very much worth your while if you wanted to go and have a look just like we did. You still have a few months, so get on your car/train/bus/ whatever and have a trip down to Salisbury – where you can also buy some rather lovely fudge, and see an incredibly beautiful cathedral, all on your way to the museum 🙂

For more details, here is the website: http://www.salisburymuseum.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/terry-pratchett-hisworld

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