Geek Obsession #7 – The Goth Dolls Collection

Today I bring you something quite dear to me, perhaps one of my earliest collections ever: my Goth dolls. These came from two brands: the Bleeding Edge Goths (also known as BeGoths), and the Living Dead Dolls. And this all started in a very unexpected way.

My first trip to the UK took place when I was 9. My parents obviously took me sightseeing everywhere possible, and one of the days we ended up down Oxford Street and towards Canary Wharf. Back in the day there used to be a branch of Forbidden Planet near there – an outlet if I remember well! Mum and dad had visited it frequently when they used to live in London, so they took me there to see what they had as we didn’t really have that sort of thing in my home town – this was no ordinary comic store. And there she was: red-headed, goth looking Lillian (With 2 ‘L’ like me!). It was a sign. I took it home with me and, well I guess the rest just started flocking a little later.

I started with the 12″ dolls, then I acquired I few of the 7″ models, and finally perhaps my favourite and most precious item ever…I do appreciate the pics could be better, however, these boxes are bloody difficult to photograph without reflections, because the thing is…These gals have never come out of the box! (And never will as far as I am concerned…).

So this is Lillian on the left. She was part of the first original series (1), that only had 5 models and are as of the early 2000s sold out. Believe it or not, I am confident in a moment of my life or two, I’ve probably looked like that…barr the piercing. Of series 1 I do also own Victoria – my good friend Remi brought that all the way from the USA for my birthday one summer he was out there learning English! It was epic! (However, Victorias box is probably the worst of them all so trying to get a decent pic of her is pretty hard, poor thing!). The one on the right is Lolita Sun. She was an exclusive edition launched between series 1 and 2…She is pretty special.

These two represent the evolution of the franchise: on the left we got Victoria Creepers, and next to her we have a series 7 release: Atara Inferno…As you can see there is a big jump. Consider that series 1 was released in the late 90s and 7 around 2011…Fashion and trends evolve quickly.
These babes, are just awesome. I always thought that something Varner Studios managed to achieve with the 7″ models was the attitude, which was perhaps not so compelling from the 12″ fashion dolls. I also want you to realise how cool and hard-core these names are: Trinity Tortura, Veronica Despair, and Delillah Blackheart, because you know, you need to have adequate names for pirate Goths, Morticia-Addams like Goths, as well as rebellious teens 😉
This is Jester from the Kindergoths collection. My parents brought this back for me from their anniversary holiday ( I think 10th year anniversary?). And the bought me this cute thing. As you can tell, it has been loved and cherished through years and years. He was one of my neccesary-bring-to-the-UK things (along with K who got lost…). i would have been incredibly devastated if Jester would have been the missing one rather than K to be honest…He is my buddy, still takes care of me when I’m sick.

Onto the Living Dead Dolls now, these are a completely different cattle of fish.

At first I didn’t care much for these. They were a bit like Chucky – well actually, that’s where the franchise originates from so…Honest, they were truly gross and terrifying, and we all know I am not a big horror fan. However, they released this interesting collection about – 7 deadly sins, when I was well into my Bleeding Edge ones, and they caught my eye as something more interesting. This was a different approach that they took on series 7 (considering they are now on series 33…). Sadly I only ever got to 33 of them, but that’s fair. (Vanity and Wrath here on the right, the other one is Envy which is not in the picture). The one of the left however is my favourite: Cuddles. There is something incredibly sweet about her, despite, you know, the deadness… (Nevermind my freaky teddies at the front…yet another collection :p).
For some strange reason I still do not understand, my sisters friends think Schitzo is the scariest of them all…Poor baby!

This was probably the biggest surprise ever. This was 3 wise men day present from my parents too which I had not a clue about. This comes from a super rare collection Living Dead Dolls released in the 90s when Bleeding Edge were popular: Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims. This is Sheena. These were 2 series run up that were heavily criticised because as you can see they attempt to be like, a normal dolls. The dimensions and looks were a riot in the USA. It’s the only attempt to make something like this Living Dead Dolls did. They were out of stock for years when I received mine, I think during my second or third year of uni (so only a few years back). It was just unthinkable. And Sheena did came out of her box, BUT she still had her change of clothes (punk like trousers) and her certificate 🙂

As usual…this is just part of the collection. I have a Princess AI (3 in fact if you count the 7″ ones) from Bleeding Edge, and behind Sheena you can see the box of a Living Dead one, not one of my favourites – unfortunate purchase from someone I used to know in college who went to el Salon del Manga hoping to get me a Seven Deadly sins doll, but couldn’t so he got me well…Friday 13th. As much as I am not a big fan of Jason, the box is cool. I think that, apart from Lillian, which was bought with me present at my request, the rest have all come as gifts from my amazing family. They do know how to keep a collection going 🙂

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