Games I Tried to Like but Bore Me Endlessly

Hello everyone!! Yes, I know, I come with a controversial title, and I know I am going to get evils from many of you as I write this post but I really needed to get this off my chest. There are some games that it seems everyone loves…But me. I am not saying they aren’t good games, they just don’t cling with me, you know? I have tried them, and tried them, and played them…And i just cannot be bothered. And sometimes I play them just to please others and get along, but if it was down to me, they will never touch the surface of a table. EVER. So here is my list:

-CATAN: I KNOW!!! YOU ALL HATE ME NOW!! Well…Whatever! I really couldn’t care less for Catan. I can last about 4 rounds of the game without my jaw dropping into an insane concatenation of yawning. Why? Well, who knows. I think it feel rather repetitive and very formulaic, in the sense of xyz strategy works and that’s it. I don’t personally find it aesthetically appealing, and the general mechanic of it, I really just cannot find the will to make it through. Not even on my first game ever, years ago, did I actually enjoy playing it. I thought, “huh, I must be doing something wrong as everyone Loves this game”, and that is why I kept insisting. But Nope. Not for me.

-PANDEMIC: I really, really REALLY want to like Pandemic. And I have actually played it a lot, even out of my own freewill, with the wish that perhaps the more I’d play it would grow on me. But that has not been the case – rather the opposite actually, the thought just puts me off. And you would say: “well, yeah, but you are not the co-op game kinda person, are you now?”. Fine. Perhaps I am not. But I love playing Castle Panic, and that is co-op. I play other team games and I am cool with them. So, I don’t know, perhaps I would enjoy it more if it was about infecting the world, rather than curing it? Who knows. Because, that is the thing, I haven’t really identified what is it that makes me adverse to it…I just don’t wanna play ti any more.

-ZOMBIES!: This is a bad combo for several reasons. I don’t like Zombies, in general. I do not find it to be competitive in ways I want to be competitive. Every time I have played, I’ve won, and I got 0 satisfaction out of it. I guess I just don’t want to shoot and look out for things, in the same way I wouldn’t do that in a video game, y’know? It’s just not for me. And perhaps it has been the people I’ve played it with, but ti just seemed to drag on for aaaaggggggeeesss. I am simply not willing to invest what seems eons of time into something like this. That’s all.

-DIPLOMACY: Ppppffff. Just play Risk instead? I know they are not the same, but ultimately, they are. The actual agreements hardly ever work for long enough to make them interesting. It makes me feel it is a faux NATO meeting but with my mates around. As much as I should be into the game, because overall the strategic approach and machinations is very much my thing, it just makes me want to switch off and go play outside like the normal kids.

-DIXIT: I think out of all the games in this list, this is the one I would like to play again least. I could still drag myself through any of the others and, I don’t know, at least make someone elses game a disaster and hey, in a way or another, that is funny shenanigans, but not here. I LOVE storytelling. I don’t like how Dixit does it. I dislike the art work, which makes me disengage with the most important part of the game. And to be honest, I think the punctuation system is just dumb, you kinda wanna do okay, but not great, otherwise, your score will somehow suffer. …Why?! It’s really not about being witty, or coming up with the best word/sentence/description. It’s just about dumbing yourself down to make others do the same. I don’t know. I think it just could be so much more. And so much more pretty. Also…Why bunnies?! Why not…I don’t know, unicorns?!

-BANG!:…Okay, let me take what I said about Dixit back. I would play Dixit over Bang!. To be honest,I think this is purely out of despise to the way the game was introduced to me. I started playing this around, I don’t know, whenever it came out because that was the acquisition someone in my group of friends at the time decided to make. I genuinely think it was the way the people I played with interacted with each other, but I found it incredibly annoying and I did not enjoy it at all. I found it predictable, always knew how each game was going to end after one hand. I found that it was missing something intrinsically Western which is the tension and feel of “man these are hard-core dry times” “there are no heroes here” kinda thing. In any case, No Bang! for me.

And that is my list of doom. Do you also have one like this? Those games everyone seems to love and you just want to run away on the spot? Well, join me, I’d be interested to see what cause you trouble. Like I said, this is not saying they are bad games and that people who play them are dumb or their taste is stupid – not at all! The just cause me such an affliction, I cannot get nearby them without suffering a sudden and disgusting attack of gamophobia.

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