Comics Potpourri: Thoughts on My Latest Reads

Today I bring you a brief overview of three comics I’ve read in the last couple of weeks, and my thoughts on the subject. I have selected these three because none of them are your most mainstream productions, so perhaps they have not become visible under your radar, or you may have forgotten about it with all the usual Marvel/DC background noise. As you may know already, I do like – and thrive to – find and read things that are slightly on the margins of the big sequential art market. So this is my potpourri:

Ragnarok – Last God Standing: I came across this comic at first when we were visiting Oslo. They had it as a featured publication at the amazing comic book store Outland. As someone interested in all things vaguely Viking/Norse/Medieval in general, I thought this looked like my kinda thing. I bought this for my birthday a few months back, trying to get a break from the stream of Image comics I’ve been reading recently. The story did not turn out to be exactly what I was expecting, but it was interesting enough. The art work is very high fantasy looking: bright colours, based on the usual conventions – nothing new or terribly revolutionary, but it does the job and it suits purpose. (And don’t get me wrong, it is still cool). The plot follows up the events of Ragnarok and presents a possible scenario within the context of Norse mythology for what may come next. As a concept, it is very enjoyable, and it does feed from a fair amount of Norse culture and legends. So if you like fantasy, the Vikings, and action in your comics, please have a look. It also seems like we should be getting a second volume at some point. However, be warned: for what it is, you may think its expensive (£20). But, do remember: it is just over a 100 full colour pages on hardback…Give it a chance is all I’m saying.

The Last Dragon: this was published by Dark Horse in 2010, however I only got this back in May this year (Forbidden Planet in London I believe). It is a one single volume, very quick to read (took me 50 mins at most).  I must admit, I was a tad disappointed with this one. The plot is a bit predictable and not much of a novelty. (Dragons aren’t extinct, protagonists must find a way of saving themselves from their threat, so on so forth). Nevertheless it is well presented. The art style is the best part of the volume, in my opinion, and something you do not see much in comic books these days. It is very classical – I mean as in quasi Greek/Roman. Pastel tones, gentle strokes. It does suit the story nicely – In fact, it made the reading much easier as like I said, it did not really inspire me greatly. I think the volume is like a tenner: wouldn’t say it was wasted money, but neither the best investment.

The Discworld Graphic Novels: The Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic: totally worth the money (£15 if I remember well –  from Waterstones). Although this edition was released in 2009, I have only seen a copy in store recently, which is when I bought it. The adaptation is formidable, the art work really suits the narrative. They captivate the characters very nicely in a totally picturesque and Pratchett way. The volume contains the 2 stories – I think it is roughly split in half for each book. Easy to read (obviously easier if you know the plot!) – took me no more than 2 hours to get through the first half (The Colour of Magic), and about the same for the other (Light Fantastic). So it is a substantial volume that delivers what it should. It would be interesting to compare it to the recent release of Small Gods in graphic novel format – we have been following the subject real close, and although the art style is completely different, I wholeheartedly believe the piece will be just as good. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And this is all for today folks! We will come back shortly with more comics, games, and RPG stories 😉

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