Painting a “Cold One”

So here I bring you a quick Warhammer job: it’s a fantasy Dark Elves “cold one”. Just the actual lizard for now. It has a bit of finishing that needs doing, but it’s pretty much there.


Citadel paints used:

-Base: mournfang brown for the body, averland sunset for the under belly, tail and soft tissue, and screamer pink for the top scales.

-Wash with nuln oil.

-Layer: dry evil sunz scarlet for the leg scales, thin stripes of skrag Brown for the lower legs and claws, xerxus purple very dry for the top scales, and cover the underbelly with kislev flesh, highlights with skrag Brown.

-Finish with genestealer purple for the ridge horns and spikes, tin bitz saddle, highlight with runelord brass (use the same for the plate at the front, claws, and any other bits of metal left).

-Final wash: leviathan purple for just the top and scales.

-Same yellow for a touch of contrast in the eyes.

…and that’s it really!

I got experimental with the camera wanting to visualise the potential for colour variants. Results are:


This probably looks a bit more dinosaur/lizard like. You will need a dark green base for that, and a dull green wash just to accentuate the reptilian look. But the rest of the colour scheme shall work fine.

I tried to see how it would look like if we were to deviate on to a more blue/purple undertone. For my personal taste, it seemed too saturated. With a different colour scheme, changing the reds and browns for something colder, it would probably work.

In any case, leave your thoughts and share your creations. 🎨🎨🎨

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