My Problem with Captain America: Civil War

I’ll try to keep this one short because I could potentially rant forever about my disappointment with Captain America: Civil War – also I’ll try not to make many spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Where to begin?! First hour/hour and a half of movie drags on. A Lot. I was Bored Out of My Mind. The inappropriate seriousness, and the dry argument line just prompted me to spend more time looking at my phone than the screen. By the time everything goes kaboom, I actually had to check my watch thinking “there cannot be much movie left”, only to find the agony of another hour waiting for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy they actually decided to bring this topic into the Marvel narrative, but there were ssoooo many other ways of approaching the subject. Civil War involves more than 8 characters, c’mon. It does not deserve that name: it’s more like Cap’ holding a grudge ’cause Stark is right. I am sorry, but it doesn’t make any justice to the intrinsic violence, alliance issues, involvement and reach of the actual concept of Civil War. It was perhaps better suited for an Avengers movie or just a generic Marvel Universe thing.

The absolute misuse of Scarlet Witch makes me hurt. She has a total of what 10 mins on-screen if so? Her dialogue with Vision is dull and redundant, her role in the fight is poor – Even Hawkeye was more important for the sake of the plot! Jeez!! And the action scenes…How can a movie of such calibre have such mishaps! What is up with the camera?! And don’t give me the “oh, shaky cam use, legit”. I’ve talked about this with people who have filming and photographic composition knowledge (as I am no expert)- it was just a badly finished on the production. Some of the fights are incredibly clumsy and the choreography was only worthy of the Power Rangers. I am actually getting angry just thinking about it. And the dialogue lines…Seriously! There are some pretty good actors in this movie! How can you make Robert Downey Jr sound off,I do not know, but there are moments (in fact, every moment with him on-screen outside the Iron Man suit) where he sounds fake, and even uncomfortable. Give him the armour though and problem fixed. Black Widow is probably one of the very few characters that doesn’t get this criticism – and I am not fond of Scarlet being Natasha, but I was happy with her. And that lousy end scene…don’t even get me started…Would they had it done in a more subtle, or even comedic way, then fine but…”It’s okay buddy, this is just like if we were rebooting New 52, nothing happened”. ¬¬.

Now, I’ll stop the nastiness there (because I CAN, but will Not, carry on) and tell you the things I actually enjoyed. Black Panther was cool: good casting, good action, great intro, so much potential for the narratives to come. Thumbs Up. Spider-Man: I tell you what, I thought THIS would have been my problem with the movie…I couldn’t have been more wrong. It works So Well. It is so Amazing Spider-Man, it makes me happy. And I like that he has only like a crappy costume and they don’t try to give him anything more proper, it suits him. His dialogue lines were proper funny and his fight scene with Ant-Man is probably one of the best in the entire movie, along with the one at the end with Iron Man, Cap’ and the Winter Soldier. And the bad guy – Zemo gets top marks. He is well used by the plot, well characterised, good script. And I probably I like him ever more because you get to see, thanks to him, how much of a jackass Steve is! Yeah, I am biased. If I had to choose it would always had been team Iron Man, even though I am not a big fan. But I really dislike Steve, and Zemo fuelled my hatred, in a positive way. Good Job.

Now, this is only my honest opinion. Now please, don’t take this out of context – I do not think it is the worst movie ever, not at all. But I do not believe for a second if the best Marvel movie to date, nor the best Captain America or Avengers related movie, at all. And, in comparison terms, considering the plot directions were very similar, I would rather stick with Batman V Superman (and as we all know, I hate Clarky!). Whilst I think both movies waste a lot of time in explaining in-depth things that are not necessary and that moves them away from the actual point of the story, I think DC did it in a much more painless way, and the action scenes were at least impeccable in comparison with this one – which is the very least one could ask from a superhero movie. Fine ditch the argument, but give me some cool visuals. And unfortunately, Civil War did not step to its mark – at least for me.

Conclusion: watch iCaptain America; Civil War. There are some cool aspects of the film that you shouldn’t miss. But maybe wait until you do not need to spend a tenner to enjoy it.

And on that note...Hail Hydra!

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