MTG Nostalgia: My Very First Deck & My Dad’s Badass Collection

MTG today guys! So far you have heard me moaning about certain things ingrained in the game due to Wizards of the Coast being an evil corporate. However, I have been playing the game for donkeys years, and me having a personal/moral issue with the producer doesn’t necessarily mean all I have to say about the subject is negative. I started playing MTG with my dad when I was in school – it was before my Warhammer days so I couldn’t have been much older than 9 or so. I believe it was also around the time that Pokemon the Trading Card Game came out and became really popular, so one thing kinda escalated to the other. My dad had a lot of Alpha/Beta onward cards and I seem to recall this was triggered by some sort of starter pack being released either with a magazine, newspaper, something like that. We bought the stuff and I was taught to play. Then when I got the grasps of the game we made my very own first deck – great father and daughter bonding exercise, don’t skip this part of your parenting skills!

I had seen my mum and dad play MTG countless of times: dad used to play with his friends at the pub like once a week, and sometimes they played at home too. I remember my mum getting proper salty at my dad winning occasionally and how it was not fair. Mum and dad had cool kick ass decks and I wanted mine to be like theirs, but because back then they were pros and I wasn’t, I couldn’t do that. My parents had dual coloured decks – I should start with a cute, powerful mono deck. The staple decks for my parents were dad’s evil green-black and mum’s tenacious red-blue – which still exist today, they are like family relics! The red-blue deck featured some classic control-burn tactics that we all love:

-Plenty of counters: Power Sink is my fav.

-Cheap burn spells: Lightning Bolt, 1 mana, first turn 3 points of damage?! Hell yea!

-Elementals as the big creatures: full set of Fire and Air Elementals, with the old drawings which are just gorgeous.

-And then the wild cards: Clone – could be a game saver, could be a game winner, could be just staple.

Overall, an effective, quick-paced deck with some interesting features. Nice! But it had a great rival to go against. The green-black deck combined some odd but powerful things:

-Cheap elves for extra mana: staple Llanowar all the way!

-Unbalanced green creatures with odd abilities like “Flanking”: Centours of Jorael, Lethal Insect, Elf Explorer, cost-effective mana – may die, but will punch you hard and quick.

-Nasty black voodoo magic: a full set of Senguir Vampires, Unholy Strength, Dark Rituals and Diabolic Tutor, you can start crying, it’s fine.

I mean, just pure evil man.

Seen those titanic decks battling each other, I did fear I may never be able to win. But the fact that dad was helping me make a beginners deck didn’t mean it was going to be a losers deck, and damn was it glorious! As the other 4 colours where in much demand and there was always the possibility of tweaking decks, white seemed like the natural choice. But more importantly, mono white was a powerful introductory level deck, not in a patronising way, it was a deck that made a statement. We focused on flyers and kill spells. Those were the days of spending the first couple of turns spawning pegasus and griffins with banding alongside my always handy Yotian Soldier: one of my most trusted cards. I know it is an artefact! It is probably because they don’t make them cool like Yotian Soldier anymore that I don’t use artefacts! But that was just the staple. That deck is full of gems:

-Full set of Serra Angels.

-x2 Wrath of God – best board wipe spell. Ever.

-Full set of Represalia – because I needed to be able to kill the Senguir and those Elementals!

-And the other 2 game changing artefacs: x2 Meekstone and Sol Ring – Yeah! You Heard Me.

And that is how after I stop falling for my dad’s trap of killing the creatures he wanted me to kill while with vamps and other evilness where still in hand, I eventually started winning. I remember that day I was clever (ish), waited for all the creatures to be on his side of the field, me with a Serra Angel in hand, next move board wipe, Serra Angel comes and wins the day with a bit of help of Spiritlink – yeah kids, the things you had to do back in the day to gain life!

And that is how it all begun. A few years later MTG became popular again amongst kids/teenagers in Spain so I started playing with others, and acquiring a couple new cards here and there, and we built new decks. We added to the collection the classic blue-green deck: bigish creatures, shadows and islandwalking, a few counters and booster spells. And then, the mean black-red with land destruction cards, infect creatures, little things spawning the whole time and odd abilities like dash, or shadow. Now, all these years have gone and I have my own decks and my own cards, which are great. But there is something special about going home and dusting out that amazing mono white which I will never be able to replicate 🙂

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