Undead Wood Elf Riders Conversion

I have been working on some of my Warhammer lately and realised I got A LOT of spare pieces. Just a couple of weeks back I started on some Wood Elves Sisters of the Thorn (I’ll show ya when they are finished), and turns out as they are one of those packs where you can make one of two units out of the same pieces, I ended with five spare bodies, heads, and some really really cool capes! I was thinking maybe I got some stuff I could do with them. Well! Righto! I found in my box of random Warhammer some undead horses – just the horses god knows where the riders went?! And a little lightbulb just turned in my head – Undead.Wood Elf.Riders.Of Doom! Or something.

I had a few problems though – bodies and horses were not a perfect match, not enough elven hair for all the helmets, and the typical, annoying lack of right frigging arms!! (Seriously why oh why?!). However, I am resourceful – I got a TONE of Dark Eldar, which are just as flimsy as the Wood Elves, so the arms shouldn’t be a problem. Heads; same solution really. Who doesn’t want to see an Incubi Helmet on a horse rider dead thing? I do! Gaps and not perfect fittings? Hello Green Stuff. And suddenly it was sorted. It took me a surprisingly little time.

I thought this would go on for ages, but here are the results. Judge them yourselves – photos taken with my phone.

The horses

change 1
The horses
The horses
The horses
The horses
Rider no. 1
Rider no.1 from side angle
The other four
The horses
The horses
This one required the most green stuff – wych’s head and arm, horse had a big hole at the front and fitting required a lot of precision
Incubi rider
The horses

 You’ll see more of these bad boys when I get around painting them –  the green stuff will take some time to settle properly and the Sisters of the Thorn are currently on the priority list.

6 thoughts on “Undead Wood Elf Riders Conversion

  1. Amazing work, they’re really inspiring 🙂 it’s great what you can do with some leftover parts and a sudden surge of inspiration! Great stuff, these undead riders will look the business when they’re painted up

    Liked by 1 person

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